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4 Reasons You’re Seeing a Lowball Budget

Negotiating Voice-over RatesMy grandpa could buy anything for a quarter. It was a gift that he possessed that I was entirely in awe of. Now, granted, he bought the vast majority of his toys, tools, collectibles and other stuff at yard sales. Regardless, I don’t think he ever paid more than a quarter for anything.

The man could negotiate. And negotiate he did! Continue reading 4 Reasons You’re Seeing a Lowball Budget

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Voiceover Rates

Voiceover Rates - Marc Scott - Male Voice TalentWhen I developed my web site for my voiceover business a hundred years ago I did a lot of research first. I Googled “Male Voice Talent”, “Voiceover”, “Professional Voiceover” and about a dozen other search strings. Then I started surfing. I spent time going through every single site that came up in the first couple pages of results. Continue reading Voiceover Rates