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The Impossible Is Possible

All through elementary school I was a runner. Not a track superstar runner, but a runner nevertheless.

Mostly, I give the credit to my mouth. You see, I needed my legs to carry me to safety when my mouth frequently got me into trouble. Whether I was outrunning mom and her wooden spoon or some punk kid in my school, seldom did I get caught. I even won a few races here and there.

In Grade 9 I was running a race and my right knee gave out. I face-planted on the track, picked myself up, carried on with the race, and still managed to win. I decided then to go out on top. Retired. In Grade 9.

Retired From Running

In the two plus decades that have followed since my Grade 9 retirement, the only time I have run is when my fire department pager goes off. Thankfully, I live about 500ft from the fire hall, so I don’t have to run far.

Beyond that, I’ve have no desire to run. In fact, it’s something I’ve never given as much as a thought to.

Until two weeks ago.

Run Forrest, Run!

marc scott runningJune 24, 2014 I went out for my evening walk. Or, I suppose it would be my late night walk, on account of it was after midnight. For some reason, I got the bright idea that I’d run. I downloaded the Nike+ app and thought to myself, “what the heck?!”

I suspected I’d make it to the end of my street, collapse in a pool of sweat, tears and puke, and there, in all my un-glory, I’d die. All that would be left for me is the humiliation of calling 911 and having to be discovered by my fellow firefighters. When a firefighter has to call 911 for the fire department, he has to put up a case of beer. At least I’d be dead, so I wouldn’t have to buy beer.

Instead, much to my shock and amazement, I ended up running 3.21km in 21:02. Now, granted, this is not exactly world record time. But for me, to me, it might as well have been!

What Doesn’t Kill You

The next night, I tried again. 3.43km in 23:16. The night after that, 3:37km in 21:33.

I kept going. Kept running. On Monday July 7, 2014, I ran 5:03km in 27:40.

Two weeks ago, I was retired from running. I had been since Grade 9… over two decades ago! Two weeks ago I was pretty sure if I ran any further than the end of my street, I’d die. Two weeks ago if you had told me I’d run 5km in under 28 minutes within two weeks, I’d have referred you to my shrink!

The Impossible Is Possible

I’ve got some stuff I’m working on in my life right now. Stuff that, to me, under current circumstances, seems impossible. At times I’ve wanted to quit. Throw in the towel. Walk away. Find new goals. Hopes. Dreams.

When I finished my 5km run on July 7, 2014 the very first words out of my mouth were, “thank you, Jesus. For showing me that maybe the impossible is possible after all.”

Now, I don’t want to give up on those things anymore!

Don’t let your dream(s) die. Maybe the impossible is possible after all!


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Remove This Word From Your Vocabulary In 2014


I want you to do yourself a favour. Just go ahead and remove that word from your vocabulary this year.

Next time you want to wish someone “good luck,” say, “all the best,” instead. Book a really big job? Think it was because you’re “lucky.” It’s not. It’s because you’re blessed. Or, maybe it’s because you’re skilled. Could it be because you worked hard?

Stop Crediting Luck

four-leaf-cloverThe whole idea of “luck” is rather frustrating to me, if I’m being honest. Do we really give credit to rabbits feet? Leprechauns? Four-leaf clovers? When good things happen to us, can we honestly claim it happened by chance? A mystical lining of the cherries on some magical universal slot machine?

I don’t know about you, but I work hard. Every day I hit the ground running to build my voice over business. I’m reaching out to clients. I’m searching for leads. I’m submitting auditions, demos, proposals, quotes. I’m spending time on social media. I’m writing blog posts.

Credit Where It’s Due

  • Sweat equity.
  • Perseverance.
  • Persistence.
  • Work ethic.

If you want to give credit to any of those factors, by all means. But please, don’t ever tell me I’m “lucky to be so successful.”

If you want to say anything, tell me I’m blessed. Truly I am. If you don’t believe in God, that’s ok. I won’t make you. But I will tell you that when good things happen in my voice over business, I always take a moment to give credit where it’s due. To my Maker!

Get To Work

If you sit around in the office / studio all day waiting for luck to strike, I’ll tell you right now, it’s going to be a long year for you friend! Is it success you seek? Prosperity? Great clients? A little brand recognition? You will not achieve any of these things by chance. I don’t care what your Magic 8 Ball or horoscope says.

The key to having a great year this year is removing the word luck from your vocabulary and replacing it with “hard work” which always leads to “blessings.”

QUESTION: Do you believe in luck or hard work?

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5 Steps You Can Take Towards Becoming Successful At Voice Over

I really believe that we, as individuals, have the capacity to accomplish anything we desire. That doesn’t mean it will come easy. In fact, it will take hard work, dedication, perseverance and persistence. But if you’re willing to commit, you can do it.

If you’re here, it’s because you want to be great at voice over. Maybe you want to do it full-time, maybe part-time, maybe you’ve got specific goals you want to accomplish. Either way, you’re already taking a step in the right direction. Continue reading 5 Steps You Can Take Towards Becoming Successful At Voice Over