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Keeping Your Emails Professional

I came across on article on Mashable last week, “7 Hilarious Email Signatures to Inspire Your Sign-Off.” I’ll be the first to admit, some of them are pretty funny. But there was one in particular that quickly lost the humour for me.

Team iPhone

iphone-typingFor all intents and purposes, I’m an Apple Fan Boy. I’ve got my iPad, my iMac, my Macbook, my Apple TV and my iPhone. I love all of my iThings and am always trying to convert others in my circle to see the iLight and switch teams.

Being Team iPhone does come with one challenge. Auto-correct. Sometimes, it really can be a serious pain in the butt. Of course, other times it can be quite hilarious! I suppose it depends on the context. Sending a text to your friend that gets auto-corrected into oblivion… hilarious. Sending an email to a client that gets auto-corrected into oblivion… embarrassing!

iPhone Email Signature

In this Mashable article, one of the signatures read this:

iPhone. iTypos. iApologize

Within an hour or two of reading that article, I actually received an email from a professional voice actor who included that message in their email signature.

While I can appreciate the humour behind it, and I can certainly understand the challenges typing on an iPhone can often present, I confess, I was a bit taken back by this individuals decision to include this signature in their email.

Keeping Your Emails Professional

If you’re sending emails from your iPhone or iPad, especially if you’re sending business emails to clients or colleagues, for the love of someone greater, please tell me that you’re taking the time to proofread them.

Further, if you’re sending emails from your iDevices, please tell me that you’re not allowing a “funny” signature to act as a disclaimer for your misspellings.

Take pride in your business, your brand and your communications. Don’t allow iTypos to make you look like an iFool!


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An Epic iPhone Syncing Fail

Stop me if you’ve done this before.

You plug your iPhone into your computer. You click the sync button. You leave the phone to sync. You come back later to see if the sync is complete. It is. You unplug your phone. You open the contacts on your computer. THEY’RE ALL GONE!!!

How To Make Me Cry

sync-in-progressI keep all of my voice over clients in my address book on my laptop. All of their names, email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses. Information I’ve gleaned from email signatures, contracts, non disclosure agreements and company websites, to name a few.

This information comes in handy for sending out postcards or, in a case like today, writing Christmas cards for all my clients from 2013.

Here’s the problem, when I went to start addressing all of those Christmas cards, all of my mailing addresses were gone from my contacts list.

That’s when I nearly started to cry.

Syncing Mistakes 101

It would seem the last time I set my iPhone to sync with iTunes on my Macbook, I had the setting checked to have the iPhone contacts overwrite the computer contacts. How I did this, why I did this… I’ll never know. But trust me, I’ll spend a few sleepless nights thinking about it!

What should have been a festive few hours writing out Christmas cards turned into an all afternoon and all night long affair, just to finish around 30 of them!!! Yes… 30! Because instead of grabbing the mailing info from my contacts, I had to find every last mailing address for every last client ALL OVER AGAIN!

You Can’t Fix Stupid

This would normally be the sort of story I’d never share because, let’s be honest, it’s pretty humiliating. An honest enough mistake, sure. But humiliating none the less.

After I got over my overwhelming desire to curl up in the fetal position and cry, I could only laugh instead. I mean, it’s pretty funny when you think about it. Or at least, it might be funny if it happened to someone else!!!

That’s why I share.

So you can laugh.

And check your sync settings!!!

QUESTION: Have you ever had a sync fail?

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Why You Need To Unplug

As a solopreneur, it’s hard for me to disconnect. With voice over clients in over a dozen time zones and countries around the world, I feel like I always need to be available.

There’s no 9a – 5p in this business. A business that knows no boundaries. Not those of brick and mortar walls. Not those of city limits. Not those of international borders. Continue reading Why You Need To Unplug

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Have You Considered Responsive Web Design? iPad Horizontal Display
iPad Vertical Display

I had never heard of responsive web design until blogged about it in March. (First Look! Responsive Web Design Coming to

After reading that blog, and having already decided that one of my goals for 2013 was to redesign my voice over site, I was really intrigued. Continue reading Have You Considered Responsive Web Design?

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How Long Should My Voiceover Demo Be?

QuestionI think the PVR is one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Perhaps my standards are a little low. But really… I do.

Did you know the average one hour primetime television drama is actually only around 45 minutes long? That means the other 15 minutes are commercials. Can you sit through commercials? I can’t anymore. Not since I got my PVR a couple years ago. Now, watching commercials is like watching paint dry. Unless it’s a funny commercial. Or one I voiced. 😉 Continue reading How Long Should My Voiceover Demo Be?