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Have You Considered Responsive Web Design? iPad Horizontal Display
iPad Vertical Display

I had never heard of responsive web design until blogged about it in March. (First Look! Responsive Web Design Coming to

After reading that blog, and having already decided that one of my goals for 2013 was to redesign my voice over site, I was really intrigued. Continue reading Have You Considered Responsive Web Design?

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What’s Your Travel Setup Of Choice?

A couple days ago I wrote a post about taking a vacation vacation vs taking a working vacation.

Now that technology has changed the world of voice over it’s really easy to take gear with you on the road to record. iPads, USB microphones, and porta-booths, to name a few, are very compact, lightweight, and easy to pack!

Now you never have to worry about missing an opportunity because you weren’t in your home studio. Continue reading What’s Your Travel Setup Of Choice?

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How Long Should My Voiceover Demo Be?

QuestionI think the PVR is one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Perhaps my standards are a little low. But really… I do.

Did you know the average one hour primetime television drama is actually only around 45 minutes long? That means the other 15 minutes are commercials. Can you sit through commercials? I can’t anymore. Not since I got my PVR a couple years ago. Now, watching commercials is like watching paint dry. Unless it’s a funny commercial. Or one I voiced. 😉 Continue reading How Long Should My Voiceover Demo Be?

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My New iPad

When the iPad 3 was announced I got excited. When it was released I got a little sad. I really wanted one. I’m a total Apple Nerd. But I already had the iPad 2 and I just couldn’t justify the upgrade. I try to be financially responsible. You know, use some of that knowledge my parents instilled in me. 😉

Then a friend said, “are you upgrading to the new iPad? I’d love to buy your old one.”

Who can say no to that? What kind of self professing Apple Nerd could resist that temptation?

Evidently this one couldn’t! The mail lady just dropped off my shiny new 32 GB iPad. Guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend now.

What’s the best thing the mail man/lady/person has brought you lately?