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Top 5 Signs The Summer Voice Over Season Has Arrived

Now that the Victoria Day (Canada) and Memorial Day (U.S.) weekends have come and gone, I suppose that means summer is officially here. But, it’s not just the longed for holiday weekends in May that remind us summer has come. There are a few other tell-tale signs…

Top 5 Signs The Summer Voice Over Season Has Arrived

working-vacationConstruction: You’re intentionally looking for commercials for home improvement stores and contractors so there’s no need to edit out all the summer construction noise that’s in the background of your recordings.

To The Beach: Wait… who’s kidding who? There’s no time to take off work to hit the beach. That explains why you’re in the studio recording in your bathing suit. Living the dream… if only in your mind.

Extra Blankets: You know summer is upon us when you’re heading out for family vacation and in the “Special Instructions” section of your online hotel booking you request extra blankets in your room. You know… for sound-proofing those recordings from the road.

Child Labor: If the kids are going to be out of school and running and screaming around the house while you’re trying to work you may as well pitch them to your clients. Who needs a child voice over?!

Back To School: Because the retail universe is entirely opposed to letting you enjoy any kind of summer holiday at all, your clients, agents and such are already sending you Back to School voice over scripts. Oh… and while you’re at it… why not hang the Christmas lights?!

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Wishing you a safe, happy and blessed summer holiday season. Here’s to cold drinks, working from the patio, dips in the pool between sessions and everything… yes… everything… being cooked on a BBQ!

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