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A Pro Tip for Voicing Explainer Videos

Explainer Video work is an area I specialize in. I’ve literally voiced hundreds of them over the years. With each new project voiced, I learn a little bit more about how to really succeed in this genre that has some of it’s own quirks and nuances when it comes to delivering a great voice over.

A Pro Tip for Voicing Explainer Videos

Anticipate the visuals.

As you’re reading the script, try and anticipate the visuals. When you do this, it will help you to put pauses in the appropriate places. These pauses allow the animations to play-out on screen.

You’re telling a story, as the voice talent, but the visuals on screen are telling a story too. Give them time to do their magic!

If you’re putting pauses in the right places while you’re reading, it’s going to save the editor a ton of time from having to manually create spaces. It’s also going to maintain the integrity and natural flow of the voice over.

The better you get with your reads, the easier the editors life will be. The easier their life, the happier they are and the more likely they’ll keep booking you!

Remember what I always say; Happy clients are repeat clients!

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Voice Over Mastery

In reading books on entrepreneurship, and more specifically, in learning about those who are very successful entrepreneurs (read: millionaires and billionaires) there’s one common thread that ties them all together.


Information Overload

In the internet age, information overload is a real problem. There’s somewhere in the neighbourhood of a hundred million, billion, trillion pieces of content vying for our attention each and every day. (not an actual statistic)

It’s tempting to want to read every last bit of it. Absorb as much as possible. That’s how you learn, after all. Isn’t it?

Well, yes. And no.

It’s how you learn a little about everything. It’s not how you become a master of one thing.

Aim For One Target

karate-kid-crane-kickIn 2013, I decided explainer video voice over was a great fit for me. In making this decision, I devoted my efforts almost exclusively to pursuing this line of voice over. An explainer video demo. An explainer video website. I marketed my services to every explainer video production company on the internet.

This is the difference between learning and mastery.

I chose one target, and dove in entirely.

Explainer videos have made up the bulk of my business ever since. Now that I fully understand the genre and feel as though I’ve mastered my explainer video voice over work, I’ve begun to devote more effort and energy into my eLearning voice over work.

You Can’t Do It All

Voice over offers many genres. Everything from commercials and video games to telephony and real estate virtual tours.

It’s easy to want to dabble in them all. Particularly when you’re starting out.

Commerical work is sexy work! Who doesn’t want to do that?

Everybody dreams of being an animated character of some form or fashion.

The video game industry is exploding. How do you get in?!

Pick A Genre. Aim To Master It

The reality is, you can’t do it all. Well, I suppose a few people can. Most of us can’t. That’s not a bad thing!

That’s where the idea of mastery comes in. Find a genre that suits you and do what you can to own it. Trust me, that’s a much quicker path to success than trying your hand at every option out there.

Have you ever heard talent complaining about submitting 100 auditions a day on Pay To Play sites and not booking any work? Those are the people trying their hand in every possible genre. The ones who try to absorb every piece of content on the internet, instead of focusing on content relevant to their goals.

If you want to win in this business, learn to become a master.

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The Importance Of Being Adaptable

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in nearly 15 years as a firefighter is that you’ve got to stay adaptable. Firefighting is not a job you learn in a few training sessions before you start, and then carry on for your entire career.

In my department, we train weekly. At least.

Things are always changing. New tools. New techniques. New information. The way we did some things when I started is not the way we do them today. When you make a commitment to becoming a firefighter, you also make a commitment to lifelong learning.

The Importance Of Being Adaptable

ebola-training-bulletinIn yesterday evenings training session we received a new piece of literature. An Ebola Virus Disease Training Bulletin.

Given the significant media attention currently being given to Ebola, and the concern Ebola has caused across North America, emergency services are taking proactive measures to ensure their first responders are prepared and trained. As a firefighter, that includes me.

So last night, when I returned home from the fire hall, I spent time reading the 10 page training bulletin, and the corresponding email from our Fire Chief outlining protocols that the fire department is to follow in the event we are dispatched to a call where the potential for Ebola exists.

A couple weeks ago, I would’ve just shaken my head if someone asked me if I was prepared for a potential Ebola case. Today, things are different.

As a firefighter, you’ve got to stay adaptable. Things are always changing.

Adapting As A Voice Actor

Two years ago, I don’t think I had ever heard the term explainer video. I’m not sure any of us really had. It was something shiny and new. A niche of voice over work that was still in it’s infancy.

As I began to learn more about this type of voice over, I began to realize that it was something that really could be in my wheelhouse. The few explainers I had watched were voiced by people with similar sounds to me. The style of read was light and fun and friendly. I was pretty confident I could do it.

So I tried.

By 2013 I had a custom explainer video demo and began marketing to explainer video production companies.

This year, I ramped it up even further. I built an entire sub site at to showcase my explainer video voice over work. I also built a new landing page at to use in my marketing efforts.

The result… I’ve voiced somewhere around 200 explainer videos already this year alone.

Study The Trends… Get In Early

Adaptation-754937Do I actually think I’ll ever respond to an Ebola call as a firefighter in my town? No. At least, I certainly hope not! Does the potential exist? Sure it does.

That’s why we prepare. We train. We adapt.

There are always new niches opening up to the voice over market. Explainer videos has been a huge one. How about voice over for Apps? Another massive market that’s only getting bigger.

If you want to continue to grow your business, you’ve got to keep up with the current trends and you’ve got to keep your eyes open for emerging ones that could create new opportunities.

Always be adaptable and you’ll always open up new avenues for work.


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Digital Mining Investments Explainer Video Voice Over

Bitcoin mining is all the rage these days. For those of you looking to find out more, and maybe dive into the trend, this explainer video I voiced for Digital Mining Investments might help guide you.

Explainer Video Voice Guy

One of the keys to a great explainer video is having a friendly voice to tell the story. These aren’t intended to be hard sells or authoritative voice of God type deliveries. More like the guy next door sharing some good news. That’s exactly the read I can give you. I specialize in this type of voice over work.

“Marc was great to work with, he has a very professional voice and was extremely fast with the initial recording and revisions. Thanks again!” Blake Gratton

I Offer…

  • Quick turnaround.
  • Edited voice tracks.
  • MP3, WAV or AIFF files.
  • Competitive Rates

My work isn’t done until you’re 100% satisfied.

For more information on Digital Mining Investments visit

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