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5 Reasons To Attend A Voice Over Conference

Lately there have been a few really great discussion threads on the topic of voice over conferences. Why to attend them? Why not to attend them? What purpose do they serve? I shared a few quick thoughts on one of the threads, but thought I’d expand on it a bit further here.

Before we dive in, let me say if you’re thinking you’re going to find voice over clients, you’re coming from the wrong direction. That’s not the purpose of these conference. Not directly, anyway. Does that mean they have no value? If they have no work potential, that is? Absolutely not! Personally, I think they come with a ton of potential for new opportunities.

5 Reasons To Attend A Voice Over Conference

Personal Development: An investment in your personal development is never a bad investment. If you attend these conferences with an open mind, you can learn a ton! Here’s just one example. While sitting in on a session about Adobe Audition hosted by Uncle Roy, I learned two tricks in the software I wasn’t previously aware of. I can’t even begin to tell you how much time those tricks have saved me!

Networking: Meeting and connecting with fellow VO’s is great, but it goes beyond that. Looking for a new demo? Odds are you’ll connect with a producer. Looking for a new demo player? I met Bob Merkel and discovered VoiceZam at WoVO Con. Need help with a legal matter? Also thanks to WoVO, I was connected to Rob Sciglimpaglia, who helped me resolve an issue. You’ll meet all kinds of people who can help you in your business.

Confidence Boost: For me, attending a conference is a big step outside my comfort zone. I’m very introverted and shy. Being in a big group of people like that can be stressful for me. However, once I started meeting people, having conversations and developing relationships, my confidence grew. An unexpected and welcome result!

Creativity: Between the sessions I attended, the people I met, the stories I heard and the stories I told, I walked away from WoVO Con with a renewed creative drive. Coming home, I re-evaluated a number of aspects of my business and made some changes based on things I learned.

New Work: No, you’re not likely to meet new clients. Yes, you are likely to learn tips, tricks and techniques to help you find new work. Attending one great session on social media or marketing can make a world of difference in your business. This simple truth is reason enough to attend on its own.

Pick One; Plan To Attend

There are a lot of arguments why not to attend. Cost is always one of the biggest ones. I want to challenge that mindset. Stop looking at voice over conferences as a cost. Instead, see them as an investment. That’s what they are. Not unlike purchasing a microphone, making an ad buy on Facebook, picking up supplies for your office or adding a new piece of equipment to your audio chain.

Stop looking at voice over conferences as a cost. Instead, see them as an investment. Click To Tweet

WoVO Con was a brilliant investment for me in 2015. Honestly, one of my best investments dollar for dollar when looking at the value I walked away with. That’s why it’s absolutely going on my schedule for 2016 when the next one is announced.

Whether it’s WoVO, VO Atlanta, FaffCon or any other one that’s out there, I strongly encourage you to consider attending at least one. Check out the speakers. Review the schedule. See the sessions being offered. Decide which one will give you the most value, then set a goal and make a plan to attend. You won’t regret it!

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Voice Over Mastery

In reading books on entrepreneurship, and more specifically, in learning about those who are very successful entrepreneurs (read: millionaires and billionaires) there’s one common thread that ties them all together.


Information Overload

In the internet age, information overload is a real problem. There’s somewhere in the neighbourhood of a hundred million, billion, trillion pieces of content vying for our attention each and every day. (not an actual statistic)

It’s tempting to want to read every last bit of it. Absorb as much as possible. That’s how you learn, after all. Isn’t it?

Well, yes. And no.

It’s how you learn a little about everything. It’s not how you become a master of one thing.

Aim For One Target

karate-kid-crane-kickIn 2013, I decided explainer video voice over was a great fit for me. In making this decision, I devoted my efforts almost exclusively to pursuing this line of voice over. An explainer video demo. An explainer video website. I marketed my services to every explainer video production company on the internet.

This is the difference between learning and mastery.

I chose one target, and dove in entirely.

Explainer videos have made up the bulk of my business ever since. Now that I fully understand the genre and feel as though I’ve mastered my explainer video voice over work, I’ve begun to devote more effort and energy into my eLearning voice over work.

You Can’t Do It All

Voice over offers many genres. Everything from commercials and video games to telephony and real estate virtual tours.

It’s easy to want to dabble in them all. Particularly when you’re starting out.

Commerical work is sexy work! Who doesn’t want to do that?

Everybody dreams of being an animated character of some form or fashion.

The video game industry is exploding. How do you get in?!

Pick A Genre. Aim To Master It

The reality is, you can’t do it all. Well, I suppose a few people can. Most of us can’t. That’s not a bad thing!

That’s where the idea of mastery comes in. Find a genre that suits you and do what you can to own it. Trust me, that’s a much quicker path to success than trying your hand at every option out there.

Have you ever heard talent complaining about submitting 100 auditions a day on Pay To Play sites and not booking any work? Those are the people trying their hand in every possible genre. The ones who try to absorb every piece of content on the internet, instead of focusing on content relevant to their goals.

If you want to win in this business, learn to become a master.

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Why I’m Going To WoVOCon 2

Who wouldn’t love to spend a couple days in Las Vegas? Especially if you’re a Canadian. In Southern Ontario. Where there’s currently a Freezing Rain Warning in effect. And the temps have barely climbed above the freezing point in, oh, say, five or six months!

Yeah. Vegas sounds pretty awesome right about now.

I’ve wanted to make the trek to WoVOCon 2 ever since I first heard about it. There was one big thing holding me back. The exchange rate. Now is not a great time to be a Canadian traveling to the U.S, at a cost of about $0.25 on the dollar!

So I put if off. “Maybe next year,” I told myself. All the while, still wanting to be able to attend.

To Go Or Not To Go…

WoVOCon 2 Las Vegas 2015Sunday night I didn’t sleep hardly a wink. All I could think about was the impending deadline for conference registration. I also couldn’t ignore the nagging feeling in my gut that going was the right thing to do.

Monday night I returned home from a training session at the fire hall and immediately sat down with my Macbook. I started shopping for flights. I was looking for the best possible deal I could find on the hotel (Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa). I was calculating currency conversions, pricing out travel insurance, and guesstimating how much cash I’d need for the weekend.

Then I registered for WoVOCon 2 (with less than an hour to spare). As soon as I did… I felt total peace. I knew I had made the right decision. Everything else, from here on out, I believed, will sort itself out. One way or another.

The Pieces Fall Into Place

Things immediately began to sort themselves out.

First up… as I was preparing to enter my credit card to pay the conference fee, I received a PayPal deposit (in USD) from a client. That payment covered more than half the registration, which saved me a bunch on exchange for the remaining balance. Awesome!

As it turned out, I was able to redeem Aeroplan miles I’ve been saving for a couple years. Sure, I’m taking some less than stellar red eye flights, and making connections at half the airports in America… but that only adds to the excitement of the adventure! Plus… thanks to those miles, I’m flying First Class! Total cost… $38!!

Next up was the hotel. Thanks to a rather timely promotion from (whom I’ve happily used for years), I was able to score a sweet deal on a great room and it was in Canadian funds. No exchange required! Approximate savings on room and exchange… $150.

Sometimes God is waiting for us to take the first step. Once we do, He blesses our socks off! Click to Tweet

Why I’m Going To WoVOCon 2

invest in learningThere are two pieces of advice I preach consistently.

  1. Surround yourself with like-minded people who will support your dream and build you up.
  2. Investments in yourself, your business and your future always produce extraordinary ROI.

Those two pieces of advice were the deciding factor in my final decision. Call it practicing what I preach!

The idea of spending a couple of days surrounded by voice over professionals that are all trying to learn and build and grow their businesses excites me.

Having the opportunity to learn from some of the most talented and respected people in our industry fires me up.

Where There’s A Will

I’m just like you… I’ve got a voice over dream. I want to continue to grow my business. I want to succeed. I’ve got big goals and great hope for a prosperous and abundant future.

It would’ve been easy for me to justify skipping out. As I already mentioned, the exchange rate alone right now is a great excuse! Thing is, you don’t build a dream on excuses. You build a dream on actions. Part of the entrepreneurial spirit is taking a problem and finding a solution.

That’s what I did. I didn’t make excuses. I found a way to get my butt to Vegas! With a decision, a little creative thinking, and a whole lot of favour from God, this trip is happening.

What is it you want to do? What goal? What dream?

What’s holding you back? What excuses are you feeding yourself? What obstacles are you allowing to hold yourself back?

I’m living proof that when you cast all of that aside and open up the door for the impossible, it’s not too long before you’re pointed in a direction that makes it possible.


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5 Books That Can Help Grow Your Voice Over Business

Being a voice talent isn’t just about having a voice and a microphone. If you plan on succeeding in this business you need to remember just that… it’s a business!

You’re an entrepreneur.

Often, you’re also a one man show. Chief cook and bottle washer, as they say.

Don’t have a business degree to back you up? No worries. You’d be amazed how much you can learn by reading a few good books!

5 Books That Can Help Grow Your Voice Over Business

stack of booksThe Richest Man in Babylon: I wasn’t always the greatest money manger. In fact, I was pretty careless in my younger years. Putting some of the very basic, yet brilliant principles in this book into practice had a profound impact on my financial situation. Get It

The Accidental Millionaire: This is one of those books that took me longer to read than usual because every other paragraph I had to stop and write a note. I was that inspired. This got ideas flowing big time. It’s loaded with simple, practical advice on building your business. Get It

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World: Michael Hyatt is a very influential blogger and a bit of a legend on Twitter. If there’s any man that can help you build your platform, which is exactly what you need, Michael is the guy. This book is loaded with great advice and resources. Get It

Just Blow it Up: Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life: A few weeks ago I went to Erie for the weekend to spend some time relaxing, dreaming and brainstorming. This book was a HUGE part of that experience. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. If you’ve got barriers standing in the way of you achieving your dreams, this book will help you remove them. Get It

How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk: As a Voice Actor, self promotion is a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to seeking out new clients and growing your business. It’s also something a lot of us aren’t comfortable doing. Read this book, change your perspective and be amazed at what happens! Get It

Don’t Just Read Voice Over Books

One of the most common mistakes I see voice actors making, particularly new ones, is that they only read books about voice over. Those books are great, don’t get me wrong. But what you’re trying to do in building a business is so much bigger than simply learning how to be a better VO.

Expand your reading horizons to books about marketing, business, entrepreneurship and finance, just to name a few.

It will help you grow your business.


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VoiceWorld Toronto Here I Come

Better Than Good Zig ZiglarI’m very much an introvert. Always have been. Maybe it’s 15 years of talking to myself in small, isolated, soundproof radio studios? I don’t know. I’ve just always been a quiet, keep to myself kind of guy.

Perhaps that’s one of the things I love about being a voice talent. I can work from home. I don’t have to deal with big crowds of people or hustling and bustling offices. I work with my clients one on one. It keeps me in my comfort zone and helps me focus on their individual needs. Continue reading VoiceWorld Toronto Here I Come