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A Quick Tip For Marketing At Local Chamber of Commerce Event

When you live outside of a major market, it’s easy to think you can’t compete in the voice over industry. After all, that’s where all the money is, right? Well, no question there are big opportunities in big cities. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still build a nice little business for yourself at a local level.

It’s important to remember that local businesses are still businesses! They’re looking for ways to market themselves too. Sure, they may not have the budgets of major corporations, but that doesn’t mean opportunities don’t exist and there’s no money to be made.

Joining your local Chamber of Commerce, or at the very least, attending some of the events they sponsor, can be a great way to network locally and generate some solid leads and clients for yourself.

So Many Local Opportunities

Consider these…

  • Most local businesses will have a phone system of some kind. That offers message on hold opportunities.
  • Do you have a local radio station (or stations) in your town or city? Local businesses advertising on radio (or TV) could be looking for a unique, professional voice to deliver their message.
  • Small businesses use social media and the web the same way large corporations do. They may very well be producing videos for their home page or Facebook page that could use a voice over.
  • More and more companies are creating employee training videos.

Bottom line is, there are opportunities out there. You’ve just gotta go grab them.

A Quick Tip For Maximizing Your Success Potential

When I speak with coaching clients about the subject of the local chamber, many of them say the same thing, “I attended a meeting, and half the people didn’t even know what a voice over was!”

Therein lies your opportunity. It’s simple. Show them!

Load up your demos on a tablet and take it to a meeting.

When you’re speaking with someone about voice over, now you’ve got a tool you can use to show them (on the spot) what a voice over is, and explain how it their business could benefit from having a professional narration for their project.

If you’ve got videos you can load onto your tablet, perfect. Do that too!

Make sure you get a card from any individual willing to listen to your demo, and then follow up with them after the meeting to discuss their needs further.

Someone that listens to your demo is definitely a solid prospect!

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