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Make It Easy To Get Paid

I had a voice over client inquire with me recently about how they were to pay me. I offered them several options and stated, “Whichever is most convenient for you.” They seemed surprised. Apparently in the past they’ve worked with other talent who don’t make payment easy.

Can I ask you something? Seriously… why would you make it difficult to get paid?

I would think of any aspect of your business that you’d want to be easy, payment would be one of them! If you’re one of those people who are demanding certified cheques from every client, and wondering why it’s taking so long to receive payment, here’s a little tip… it’s because you’re demanding certified cheques and making payment a pain!

Make It Easy To Get Paid

paid-stampPayPal: This is a no brainer. The fees are peanuts (and you can claim them on your taxes – consult your accountant). You can receive and covert payment in basically any currency. In addition… approximately 90% of the free world have a PayPal account. (this is not an actual statistic)

Cheque: Accept good old fashioned cheques. Every cheque does not need to be certified! In nearly 20 years of voice over do you know how many client cheques (of the thousands I’ve received) have bounced? One. That’s it. One! Work with great clients, the right clients, and payment by cheque should never be an issue.

Wire Transfer: With a couple quick pieces of information you can easily get from your bank, setting up a wire transfer with a client is very easy! The fees can be a little expensive (consult with your bank) but payment is totally hassle free. I have one major client who prefers to pay me this way, and actually includes my fees in their payment. Sweet!!

Email Money Transfer: This is one of the easiest things in the world. And be honest, what’s better than having payment instantly appear in your bank account? There are no fees for you as the receiver (confirm with your bank) and often times this is easier for clients than cheques, postage, etc.

Be Accommodating

I make payment easy because I like to get paid!

My invoice clearly outlines instructions for PayPal, cheque or email money transfer, and if a client requests a wire transfer I have all the necessary information saved and can easily forward it.

Give them options, tell them they can do whichever is most convenient.

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How I Achieved 100% Payment in 2013

Tis the season for filing taxes! Oh the joy!

As I was finalizing all of my invoices, expenses, etc… to send off to my accountant, I had to smile at my 2013 books. After all, knowing I was able to collect full payment on 100% of my invoices is a pretty good feeling!

In the voice over business, as with my freelance businesses, achieving 100% payment isn’t always easy. Look in any voice over group on any social network and you’re guaranteed to find talent venting, complaining or seeking wisdom on how to collect on outstanding accounts.

So what’s my secret?

How I Achieved 100% Payment in 2013

Invoice Immediately: This one change I made in 2013 might have been the biggest difference maker! I send an invoice with the final audio. No more waiting for client approval. No more waiting until the project is complete. Essentially… no more giving anyone time to forget about me!

30 Day Follow Up: I follow up on any outstanding invoice after 30 days. The key to this follow up is be polite! Don’t assume because you haven’t received payment the client is trying to screw you. In my experience, that’s never the case. A friendly note reminding them of the invoice, asking if they need you to resend it, and reminding them you’re available for any new work is all it takes!

Choose Clients Wisely: Go with your gut. Trust your original instinct. How many other cliches would you like me to throw at you? Nine of out ten times, you’ll have a sense of whether a client is worth your time or not. Pick bad clients and bad jobs and you’ll suffer. Select great clients and great jobs and you’ll get 100% payment!

Make Payment Easy: This is vital. I accept cheque. I accept PayPal. I accept email money transfers. I accept wire transfers. The more ways you have to get paid, the easier it will be for clients to pay you. Include CLEAR payment instructions in your invoices.

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Be Friendly. Always!

keep-calm-and-be-friendly-8If someone comes at you, what’s your reaction? Get your back up? Does anything productive ever come from that response? Seldom. If ever.

Did I have to chase some invoices in 2013? Of course I did. But I never got nasty. I never dropped threats of collections or legal proceedings or other such things I hear other talent discussing. I always assume the best, give them the benefit of the doubt and remind them how much I enjoyed working with them.

In all cases, for me, it worked!

Here’s hoping to 100% payment for your business in 2014!

For Comment: What techniques do you use for collecting?