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Stop Treating Voice Over Like Retail

Here’s the thing about retail. The primary way retail draws us in is through sales. Deep discounts. Price rollbacks. The lure of savings is too much for us to resist.

“Why wouldn’t I buy it,” you reason? It’s 50% off!”

Just remember that whatever it is you’re buying, it was likely marked up 200% before it was discounted 50%.

Service Is Not Retail

know-your-worthHere’s where I see a lot of voice talent going wrong. They’re treating their voice over business like retail. But it’s not retail a business. You’re not selling a product. There’s no mark-up to be able to mark down and still profit.

Voice over is a service business.

Let me ask you, when’s the last time you took your car to the mechanic because they were offering a discount on their hourly shop rate? Never? That’s what I thought.

Don’t Devalue Your Service

Is there room for negotiating in voice over? Sure there is, to an extent. But if your primary marketing strategy is offering deeply discounted rates… you’re doing it wrong!

You’re devaluing your service and in turn devaluing yourself. That, believe it or not, actually devalues the industry as a whole.

Remember. You’re not selling a product. Your selling a service. Price yours accordingly.

QUESTION: Do you know your worth?