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Spring Cleaning

Last week in Southern Ontario there was plenty of sunshine and we even had a couple of days with humidex values. Halfway through March and the temps were climbing into the mid to high 20’s. For all my American friends, that translates to temps in the 80’s.  Spring was certainly in the air. 

Once the weather gets nice we often find motivation that seemed to be hibernating during the winter months. Perhaps that is where the entire notion of Spring Cleaning comes from. Or maybe it’s just simply about change. Snow melts, flowers bloom, robins chirp and grass turns green (or yellow depending on the dandelion population in your neighbourhood).

Whatever the cause, in the Spring we clean. That’s what I did today. I cleaned up my web site, something I’ve contemplated doing for several months, but just never seemed to find the time. I got rid of the clutter, softened it, simplified it, and have now relaunched it. My hope is that it will better serve your needs as my friends and clients, and my needs as Professional Male Voice Talent.


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