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Sore Throat?

I’ve been involved in broadcasting and voiceover since 1995. That means I’ve had nearly two decades to try every possible throat remedy known to man.

When your voice is your pay cheque you need it to work. All the time! There’s nothing worse as a Voice Talent then having to turn down a job because you’ve lost your voice, sound hoarse or squeak like a little girl. Also, and I blame Murphy and his laws for this, it’s pretty much inevitable that every client you have ever worked for will call the day your voice starts to go.

You may have went for a few days or even a few weeks with nothing. But it’s almost as if the universe knows when you’re getting sick. That’s when every one calls!

During my last sore throat episode I asked a friend, a nurse, for her advice. “What’s the best cure-all remedy for a sore throat,” I asked her? “And please remember that my entire livelihood hinges on you giving me a good answer. But no pressure.”

She showed up at my apartment a little while later with a bottle of Zinc Lozenges.

They actually worked!

So whenever I start to feel a sore throat coming on I do two things. First, I gargle with warm salt water. Second, I grab my Zinc Lozenges. So far… so good!

What works for you?