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Sharing The Secrets To My Success

“You must be nuts,” they proclaim.

“Aren’t you worried people will steal your clients,” they ask?

“I just don’t get it,” they concede.

They’re all commenting on the same subject… why do I share all of the secrets of my voice over success on this blog?

Two Truths About Why I Blog

reap_what_you_sowYou Reap What You Sow: I honestly believe that one of the reasons I’ve been as successful as I have been in my voice over business is because of how open I am with advice, tips and tricks through this blog. Some will call it karma. I call it good stewardship with the gifts, wisdom and abilities I’ve been given.

“Remember this—a farmer who plants only a few seeds will get a small crop. But the one who plants generously will get a generous crop.” 2 Corinthians 9:6

Most Won’t Act: The truth is, even though a couple thousand people read my blog on a weekly basis, I suspect that the vast majority of those readers will never take the advice I share and put it into practice. This could be for any number of reasons from busyness to laziness to disagreement with my writings and all points in between.

Just reading what’s written in these virtual pages, isn’t enough.

Sharing The Secrets To My Success

Am I voicing national commercials on a daily or weekly basis? No. Not even on a monthly basis.

Am I represented by voice over agents in every major market in North America? Haven’t got a single agent.

Am I working exclusively with glamorous corporate clients? No, but I’ve got a few.

Am I six figure voice actor? Not yet… but close enough I can almost taste it.

Will reading this blog and putting everything I write into practice guarantee your success? Not necessarily, but everything I write here is tried and tested in my own business and I’m doing pretty darn good for myself!

Be A Blessing

Open-VaultI have been so blessed in my life and career, not the least of which is the blessing of working from home, working for myself, and doing something that I love… so it doesn’t even really feel like work at all!

The least I can do is share a bit of that blessing with others, in hopes that they they, you, will be blessed too!

So that’s why I share the secrets to my success. Because the more God grants me success in my own business and career, the more it drives me to see others succeed and, hopefully, be a benefit to the voice over industry as a whole!