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Saturday Morning Cartoons – Kevin Clash

Kevin Clash - Elmo - Male Voice Talent - Marc ScottOk, so I’m venturing a little bit out of the actual Saturday Morning Cartoons realm this week. But it’s still a voice that no doubt shaped your childhood or is impacting your children’s lives.

I was working in radio in 1996 when one of the most sought after toys of the decade was introduced just in time for the holiday season. Everybody wanted one. Few could get their hands on one. People that were lucky enough to find one were turning around and selling it for massive profits. My radio station got one and auctioned it for charity. Know what toy I’m talking about?

Tickle Me Elmo.

Elmo is arguably the most popular character on Sesame Street save for maybe Big Bird. He’s universally loved the world ’round.

What you may not know about Elmo, and what may surprise you, is how deep the real voice is of the man who brings Elmo to life. Let me introduce you to Kevin Clash.

Although Elmo is certainly his most famous character, it’s not his only one. Ever watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies? Kevin Clash is also responsible for the voice of Splinter. You can check out more of his credits here.