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Profile Check Up

Whether you actually use them or not, many of us have profiles on various Pay To Play sites. Even without a membership, most of the sites will allow you to post your demos. Any publicity is good publicity!

But let me ask you, when is the last time you looked at your profile?

Profile Check Up

checkupI have profiles on,, and That’s four different sites that I share my demos, my voice information, my head shot, my web site link and any other pertinent information that I can.

  • Do you have your most current head shot on every profile?
  • Are your most current demos posted?
  • Are the links to your web site and social media sites updated?
  • Is your client roster up to date?
  • Is your bio current or has it become outdated due to changes in your life or business?

Time To Update

This week I’ve set aside an hour block of time each day to review one of my pay to play profiles. I’ll go through all the content, links and demos and make sure that everything is absolutely current.

If you’ve got profiles with the sites, you might want to consider doing the same. While you’re at it, perhaps set yourself a reminder to do it again in six months, or maybe sooner if you feel it necessary. That way you’ll always be promoting the most current information.

QUESTION: When was your last profile check up?