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*** LIVE VIA ZOOM OCT. 18, 2022 from 7pm – 9pm ET ***

Do you struggle to write an introductory marketing email? Are you writing and sending emails but not getting responses? During the Introductory Email Workshop you’ll learn how to write emails that will convert!

This two hour live workshop will be limited to 10 people.

We’ll start by covering the basics of the introductory email. Once you understand the fundamentals, you’ll have an opportunity to draft an email for an actual lead and get real-time feedback on it from me.

By the end of the session, you’ll have a formula you can follow to craft your own template and a new found confidence in writing introductory marketing emails.

The session will be held live via Zoom October 18, 2022 from 7pm – 9pm ET.

37 reviews for Introductory Email Workshop

  1. Matt James (verified owner)

    Working with Marc in this workshop was brilliant! It took all the confusion out of sending the first touch email and gave me a template that I can use to speed up my marketing efforts

  2. George Oliver (verified owner)

    The Introductory Email Workshop was just what I needed as I was about to ramp up my email marketing. Marc is a wealth of knowledge on the subject and presents it clearly and in an encouraging way.

    The process of Marc reviewing emails, that I had actually written, was not as painful as I made it out to be in my mind. When the “dust had settled” I had a clear and reusable email templet to build on for future email marketing. Marc even gave me a lead!

    What I learned was strong foundational knowledge that I can build my business with. I have even shared information I learned here with my wife and her business. Thank you so much Marc Scott!

  3. Andrea Petrille (verified owner)

    Marc’s kind approach to giving constructive feedback made this workshop fun, painless, and 100% worth it. He put all of my anxieties to rest, and I’m so much more confident in my ability to reach out to leads now that I have a solid template and a plan.

  4. Lynn Norris (verified owner)

    Want to get out of your own way, stop overthinking and start sending effective marketing emails that actually get opened and read? Then you need to spend 2 hours with Marc Scott in his email workshop! Marc made emailing leads and prospects look and more importantly, FEEL easy (so easy that he also had us write one during the class and schedule it to be sent in the morning)! I am confident my emailing game just took a big jump forward.

  5. Andy Lipshultz (verified owner)

    The course was incredibly helpful. The small setting allowed the personal attention needed and allowed for all of us to get our questions answered. I’m now ready with my own e-mail template and got going right after the class ended. Great stuff. Thanks Marc

  6. Linda Broom (verified owner)

    What an amazing course! The small group and the performance-based approach Marc took was perfect. You get a chance to learn what makes a great intro email. Then you he gives you a lead. You do the research and draft your introductory email. And you receive feedback. That’s the way to learn…let me try and then give me immediate, diagnostic, and constructive feedback! I highly recommend this course.

  7. Devon McPherson (verified owner)

    The Introductory Email Workshop helped me to tighten up that first email I am sending out to leads. Marc’s teaching style is laid-back, fun, clear, and to the point. He not only edited my template, but gave me a hands-on assignment to practice personalizing emails.

    I’ve taken some of his other courses and will most likely continue taking courses based on my satisfaction with this workshop and the other classes.

  8. Jason Leech (verified owner)

    The Introductory Email Workshop was excellent! It fills in those little gaps you are unsure of and Marc was very giving with his time during the whole thing! LOVED IT!!

  9. Anthony Powell (verified owner)

    What a GREAT class! Marc helps break down marketing so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. I STRONGLY URGE any VO artist to take this course. Direct marketing is the key to a successful business, and this course gets you ready for it!

  10. Chris Dattoli (verified owner)

    Marc knows his stuff when it comes to email marketing! I am so glad I took his class because now, I know exactly how to write the perfect email to market my VO biz. Trust me, this class is worth it!

  11. Joe Ricky (verified owner)

    Excellent marketing info from Marc. He makes it easy to see that all you need to do is to find something in common with your potential client. It’s way easier than I thought. This class is a must!

  12. Rob Marley (verified owner)

    Marc’s got a great way of laying out the core principals of how to write an email to a potential client. His advice will get you results. No doubt!

  13. Daniel Hunter

    Marc’s class was fantastic! The way he explains and simplifies the process will leave you with a plan and pointed in the right direction. If you’re feeling rudderless and overthinking email marketing like I was, do yourself and favor and take this class, you won’t regret it.

  14. Jane Beverley

    This course is more than worth it—an intimate, interactive workshop for creating great introductory emails. You learn what makes a good email and see him transform ones submitted. The final exercise and his template for emails are worth the cost of this workshop alone. I’m finally unstuck, not overthinking anymore, and even looking forward to reaching out.

  15. Jane Beverley Smith (verified owner)

    This course is more than worth it—an intimate, interactive workshop for creating great introductory emails. You learn what makes a good email and see him transform ones submitted. The final exercise and his template for emails are worth the cost of this workshop alone. I’m finally unstuck, not overthinking anymore, and even looking forward to reaching out.

  16. David A. Conatser (verified owner)

    I had hit a mental roadblock about my marketing efforts; but Marc’s workshop has given me a new boost of confidence. By actually doing the work in the workshop, we got to see how quickly and easily an effective introductory email can be crafted. Thanks, Marc!

  17. Stephen Griffin (verified owner)

    This workshop is a game changer in getting your email marketing launched. There is very insightful information and quick tips and tricks to use to quickly sent out marketing emails. It was worth every penny ! It is a must for your marketing strategy.

  18. Samuel Peery (verified owner)

    Well worth the time and money. This workshop will give you the tools and confidence to JUST DO IT!

  19. Adrian Stoddard (verified owner)

    Such a great investment. Marc demystified the whole process of sending an email to a potential client, and replaced uncertainly with confidence and efficiency 🙂

  20. Nadia Marshall (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this workshop! Marc creates a safe environment where he breaks down the essential tools you need to compose an efficient marketing email. He tells you exactly what you need to hear and gives everyone individual instruction and attention. I feel confident, focused, and motivated when writing my emails after taking this session. This workshop pays for itself in return!

  21. Liz Moya (verified owner)

    Wow! I just attended the Intro to Email Workshop. There was so much value in these two hours and we came away with a marketing template to use right away. Marc worked with each of us so seamlessly while being so informative and supportive.

    Highly recommended!

  22. Michaela Spellman (verified owner)

    Marc was so helpful and insightful! I went into the workshop feeling nervous and unsure of myself. Marc provides a non-judgmental and comforting space to learn and gain confidence in writing emails. Thanks Marc!

  23. Tony Cobb (verified owner)

    This was absolutely, unspeakably, enormously valuable. Not only the advice, and very helpful insights, but also his “assignment” process of actually writing an email within a given timeframe, which had a huge conditioning effect. Marc is definitely a gifted innovator of teaching techniques, and yet he presents it all in a very casual everyday way. Plus, his tone, attitude and delivery are so automatically inspiring. No wonder he is an ace voice artist in his chosen field as well. Do you want to experience real training you can use immediately? This is it.

  24. Ginger White (verified owner)

    The feedback you receive is invaluable. It also helps to see others templates. Great ideas from everyone in the class. I love that the group is kept small. Great for honing your email marketing skills whether you have a lot or you’re still new at this.

  25. Melanie D Young (verified owner)

    This workshop was worth the investment of time and money. Marc provides clear, actionable advice on the topic.
    Not only the feedback on mine but watching as others’ drafts were reviewed provided a lot of good thoughts to keep in mind going forward.

  26. Leah Arscott

    Great class!! Marc took the time to carefully craft and edit all of our emails, great value add!!!

  27. Anna (verified owner)

    So helpful and so worth it to be able to work with Marc directly on what you have been working on and how to make it better, and great to see how some of your peers approach the topic.

  28. Haeley Porter

    Marc’s Introductory Email Workshop was exactly what I needed to help move my VO business forward.
    I’m thrilled to have a solid template to take the mystery out of cold email marketing, and the interactive components of the workshop boosted my confidence in marketing my VO business more effectively!
    I’ve built my VO in business in other ways, so to add this to my arsenal is invaluable.

  29. Jason Leadingham (verified owner)

    The Email Workshop was the push I needed to push my self-marketing in the direction I knew it needed to go.
    Having an intro email template that has been vetted by a marketing pro like Marc gives me the extra confidence needed to “do the thing.” I can’t recommend this course enough. Do it.

  30. Richard Shockley (verified owner)

    This class was excellent! Marc’s suggestions worked right away for me in seeing open e-mails and clicks on the link to my website with my very first newly formatted e-mail template. Gain confidence and take this class.
    Better than I expected!
    Rick Shockley

  31. Blade O’Neill (verified owner)

    I have followed Marc for a while now and regularly listen to the VOpreneur podcast and use the Facebook page.

    I know how to market and find leads but I was never confident in my emails, regardless of the extensive research I have done. This workshop definitely delivered and I am indeed more confident in my email marketing now.

    Thanks again, Marc!

  32. Iris Fields (verified owner)

    I’ve been following Marc for years and taken some of his courses but this email marketing class was by far the best one for me at this stage in my career. It gave me so much more confidence to know what to write.

    I LEARNED SO MUCH MORE about marketing in one night. It was so helpful to hear from the other participants as well. I highly recommend this class to everyone who may feel stuck, even if you’ve had success in the past, this will take your emails to another level.

  33. Carrie Drovdlic (verified owner)

    I’ve done a lot of these kind of workshops, but Marc’s stands out for several reasons. He wastes no time getting right to business, the slide presentation part of the workshop was dense with relevant info, the interactive part was done with a lot of encouragement and praise to go along with contructive criticism, and what I learned was immediately actionable. He’s really good at this. By the end you’ll be ready to reach out with those emails!

  34. Jen Antkowiak

    Marc’s Introductory Email Workshop is a game changer. From watching in real time him edit the unnecessary fluff out of an email, to helping us work out our own template and providing an actual lead to hit the ground running, I’m EXCITED now about sending emails. No more fear. I feel I can finally “#justdothething”.

  35. Yukiko Fujimura (verified owner)

    Marc’s Introductory Email Workshop was truly amazing, far beyond anything I could have imagined. His presentation was brilliant and his advice to each participants’ email was very useful. Marc also taught us in a very clear way how to research and write emails specifically.
    I highly recommend his workshop to everyone who wants to build a career as a voiceover talent.
    Thank you, Marc!

  36. Phillip Doane (verified owner)

    As a fresh voice over artist who started my journey in May 2021, I knew that marketing my self would be / is my big challenge to work through. I knew I needed this class to help me in this area, and this class exceeded my expectations. I have seen Marc on Free Advice Fridays, heard him on his podcasts, yet being in a small group setting with him as one of his students, is so different! Marc gave a very organized, clear, and concise presentation of introductory emails…explaining how and why you should craft your emails in a certain way. He then went through our current templates to make them better and more focused…then, like all excellent teachers do, after teaching a concept…he had us write an actual email! He did this to show how easy it is to create a cold email…get to the point in an organized fashion…and SEND it! Boom! DONE! His class will give you not only practical knowledge of introductory emails, but will also give you confidence when you are creating them! Again, highly recommended as a valuable investment in your VO business!

  37. Rolland Lopez

    Let’s face it…marketing ourselves can be tough. (Otherwise, we wouldn’t be checking out Marc’s site). Putting ourselves out there to strangers and hoping that we can get them to open an email, be engaged and potentially, one day, work with us on a project is scary and uncomfortable.

    Marc takes some of that fear and discomfort away. He breaks down that initial email in a way that almost makes it fun, by giving us the tools and some great guidelines to follow!

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