Finding Leads Locally

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Do you realize there are countless opportunities to find voice over work right in your own backyard?

In this 90 minute Master Class you’ll learn where to look for voice over leads in your community. You’ll discover ways to create opportunities for yourself as you begin to think like an entrepreneur. You’ll also uncover specific strategies for reaching out and building the necessary relationships.

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7 reviews for Finding Leads Locally

  1. bradlanoue (verified owner)

    **** (4 Stars)

    The only reason this class is receiving a 4 out of 5 was due to the minor technical difficulties. This is a solid class for the beginner. There are many concepts that have to be realized as a beginning voice over professional and also as a marketing professional as well. Marc answers all your questions and is easily approachable and eager to help each and every one out with building their business. Marc has an abundance of knowledge and has a proven track record. You can’t go wrong with Marc’s advice on advancing in your voice over career.

    • Marc Scott

      Thank you Brad, and apologies again for that technical glitch. That was corrected in the recorded version of the training.

  2. Cheryl

    A *fantastic* webinar that taught me exactly what I needed to learn! Living in a small, rural community, I wanted to begin reaching out to local businesses but was unsure of exactly what I could offer and how I should go about offering it in the first place. Marc broke everything down and encouraged us to think outside the box, and then guided us through the approach process so we knew how to maximize each opportunity we found. He was very interactive with those in attendance and took plenty of time to answer all our questions. He made us feel he truly wanted to help us along our professional journeys. Highly recommend – worth every penny!

  3. Jannie (verified owner)

    Thank you, Marc for providing such clear, simple ways to improve our local marketing efforts. You not only provided a wealth of information on each lead in this webinar, you also shared a number of powerful ways to build positive relationships specifically geared to each lead. In addition to encouraging us to think outside the box, you showed us how to act on the information you gave us, by setting goals and having a specific plan to reach those goals. I appreciated the time and care you took to answer all our questions at the end. Thanks again for another valuable webinar!

  4. Adam (verified owner)

    Great information and insight! With VO being such a big market, I knew I wanted to start growing my business locally and then once I’ve built a big book of business to branch out further in other areas of VO. Thank you, Marc!!!

  5. Jill Cofsky (verified owner)

    Marc’s webinar, Finding Leads Locally, was exactly what I had hoped for. Marc gave us numerous suggestions as to where and how to reach out to people within our own communities who could benefit from our voiceover services. He then encouraged us to have a plan, set specific goals for ourselves, and continue to build those relationships. Marc’s training gave me valuable suggestions which have already resulted in several leads. If you’re looking to increase the awareness in your local community as to how your voiceover services can be helpful, I’d highly recommend this webinar.

  6. jjustinbrown937 (verified owner)

    A great reminder of how to reach out without annoying the very people you don’t want to annoy. It gave me ideas I could instantly put into action.

  7. richieoaquino (verified owner)

    In depth and useful. I’m definitely going to apply the strategies he suggested in this webinar.

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