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First Impressions: Your Phone System

You never get a second chance to make a first impression right? That’s what were told all though our lives. From first dates to job interviews to your business, the first impression is vital to success.

Retailers will spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on marketing. The best ads in print, radio, and television. They hire professionals stagers to set up their storefront and window displays. When people see your business name or walk past your location, you want them to notice, and you want them to remember… in a good way.

I know of companies that no longer refer to their receptionist as a receptionist. This individual is now titled as the Director of First Impressions. Often times, they’re the first person people see when they walk into your office. When they call your company on the phone, again, it’s their warm, friendly voice and personality that greets customers. It’s all about making a great first impression.

With this in mind I have to wonder, why do so many businesses ignore their phone system? Is it not part of your first impression? If a customer calls while lines are busy, if they get put on hold, if they call during a lunch time closure or after business hours, chances are they’re going to get your phone system. This could include anything from a simple standard voicemail greeting to a more advanced multiple option phone tree. For some companies, the time a customer spends on hold is an opportunity to deliver targeted messages about your company.

When I call a business and get a standard voicemail greeting that clearly came with the answering system, I immediately question their professionalism. The same is true for a company that asks Joe from the back corner cubicle to voice the greeting because one time, in high school, somebody told him he had an OK voice. They spend thousands on promotions, marketing, storefront, and a Director of First Impressions, but they treat their phone system as an after thought. They’re costing themselves a potentially valuable first impression.

What does your phone system sound like? If it’s time to redo it or, if you’re doing it for the first time, I’d love to talk with you about your needs. I offer quick turnaround, competitive pricing and complete satisfaction with your final audio. I won’t stop until it’s right.

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