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Pay Attention To Your Work

There’s a Facebook group that I’m a member of called the Voice-Over Fridge. I really like the concept of the group. Basically, it’s a place to post projects you’ve worked on to share and celebrate your success. Like hanging your child’s report card on your own fridge.

One thing I’ve noticed about the voice over industry is that it’s filled with very encouraging and supportive people.

Pay Attention To YOUR Work

It’s good to listen to what your colleagues are doing. It’s smart to listen to their demos and try to learn from them. It’s also good to engage in the encouraging and supportive environment.

Here’s where I think you need to be careful…

Don’t focus so much on the work of others that you stop focussing on your own work.

Don’t get so caught up in the projects your colleagues are booking that you become discouraged by the work you’re doing.

Don’t look at all the big name clients that others are working with and stop appreciating the clients you’re working with.

YOUR Work Is Important

My work is how I earn my living. My clients are the ones that matter most to me. My projects are the projects I’m most proud of.

Celebrate the success of others. Encourage each other. But never pay so much attention to the work of others that you stop paying attention to your own work.

As long as you keep this in perspective, success will continue to come.

QUESTION: Have you ever got jealous of another talent and realized it’s affected the attitude towards your own work?