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One Way To Book More Voice Over Work With Facebook

This week I’m focussing on the subject of social media. More specifically, how to start making social media work for your voice over business. So many voice actors complain that they don’t generate any leads or bookings via social media. Some call it a waste of time.

Let’s fix that!

On Monday I wrote about the biggest social media mistake I see many VO’s making. Hopefully you’ve read that blog and corrected that issue. If not… read it now. I’ll wait…

Today I want to focus on Facebook.

How Do You Use Facebook?

facebook-likeUsing Facebook to stay connected with family and friends… good.

Using Facebook to share content from your voice over business… good.

Using Facebook to connect with other voice actors… good.

Using Facebook to participate in voice over groups… good.

Using Facebook to book new voice over work… GREAT!

One Way To Book More Voice Over Work With Facebook

The tip I’m about to share is so simple that when you read it, if you’re not doing it already, you’re going to ask yourself, “What the heck?! Why am I not already doing this.”

Like your clients pages.

I’m guessing many of your clients have Facebook Pages. Especially if you’re working with production companies. So take some time to track down all those pages and like every last one of them!

Once you’ve liked the pages, start engaging. Start liking posts. Start leaving comments. Start participating in discussions.

Simply put… be a fan!

What NOT To Do

engageDO NOT spam their Facebook wall with your demos.

DO NOT share your web site link in every comment.

DO NOT only like posts. Comment too.

DO NOT stalk them. Use a little common sense on engagement.

Why This Tip Works

Engaging with your clients the right way shows that you’re interested in their business. It also keeps you top of mind. You’re hard to forget when you’re engaged.

This isn’t about self promotion. About, “Hey, pick me, pick me!”

It’s about engagement and engagement, in my experience, works!