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One Thing You Can Control In Voiceover

Letting GoRemember your first day in a new school? You felt like a lone fish in a very vast and expansive sea. While you navigated your way through this new territory, searching for your locker, trying to find the correct classroom, getting lost in search of the bathroom, all you really wanted is a friend.

You wanted someone to take notice of you. Someone to like you. You wanted approval.

Do you ever feel that way about the voiceover business?

Take me, for example. Last week I submitted close to 50 auditions. A vast sea. After I submitted them, I confess that I spent some time sitting around hoping that at least one person would like me. Would pick me. Would give me their approval. Sometimes it can feel very lonely. You put yourself out there daily, and you just want one person to pick you.

If you let it, waiting for that approval, hoping for that approval. It will make you crazy. Honestly.

One Thing You Can Control In Voiceover

So what’s the one thing you can control? Give every audition your best. Then let it go. Don’t carry one audition and the hope for approval over into the next. If you do, by the end of the week, when you’re submitting your tenth or twentieth or thirtieth audition, that stress is going to compile and come through. Whether you realize it or not, trust me, it will be there.

You won’t be as confident.

Your read won’t be as good.

The stress will be in your voice.

Remind Yourself Daily

If there is one thing I have to remind myself of daily, it’s to let each audition go because the only thing I can control is the effort I put into it. The moment I hit send, everything else is out of my hands. We wish we could have more say about who the producer likes or who the client picks, but deep down we know we don’t.

It’s hard because each audition we send we believe we can book. When we don’t a sense of rejection can build up if we allow. We must not allow it. We do this by letting go and putting all our effort and attention into the next one. Then repeat.

Good luck this week. I hope all those auditions you let go come back to you as bookings!