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Old School Marketing For Your Voice Over Business

Yesterday I posted a picture on my Facebook page. It was a shot of my work station for the day. Postcards, stamps, envelopes, labels, address information. Everything a person needs to do some old school marketing.

Checking The Mail

postcards from marc scott voice overWho doesn’t love getting mail? I’m not talking about email, either.

Every day, around 11am, I get up and walk to my post office box with great anticipation. What will I find? Junk mail trying to sell me insurance or an online education? Statements from my bank (even though I’ve requested repeatedly to receive them digitally)? Will there be cheques from clients? Bills from the cable company?

Or will there be some other surprise? Something unexpected?

I don’t know about you, but I sure do love checking my mail.

Old School Marketing

I designed new postcards for my business a while back and had them printed. They turned out great (in my opinion). I always like to try and send a thank you note to new clients after we’ve worked together for the first time. I’ve used postcards for that for years.

This time around I was reaching out to previous clients. Clients I haven’t worked with or heard from in a few months or maybe even a year.

With my list in hand, I got to writing.

All my messages were quick and simple and I didn’t try to sell them anything. No mention of rates or specials or voice overs. Just simple notes to say, “Hi. How are you doing? I hope all is well.” That sort of deal. Something to let them know I remember them. Something that will hopefully help them remember me.

Get Writing

marc scott voice over postcardsOdds are I’m not the only guy that loves getting mail. Non bill mail. And honestly, do you even remember the last time you received a handwritten anything in the mail? Likely not. But I bet it would make you feel pretty great if you did!

So get to it. Buy some postcards from the Dollar Store. Design your own and print them at home or have them printed online. I used

Try a little old school marketing. Get your name back in the clients mind.

Y0u don’t need to give them a sales pitch. That’s not the point. Just a quick and simple note to say hi and let them know you’re thinking of them and you’re still here.

QUESTION: What kind of marketing do you use for your voice over business?