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New Rates For DirectVoices

The world of Pay To Play sites continues grow.

Good or bad for the industry? It could be argued either way, I suppose. I’ve tried several of them now. I’ve booked worked via,, and

A New P2P Player

direct voicesBack in June another player game into the game and that’s I did an interview with the site back before they launched their services. (more on that here)

At the time of the launch, having already paid for memberships to and, I opted not to get a membership with DirectVoices. Personally, I found the prices a little high and being that the site was so new, I wasn’t sure whether it would be worth my investment until it had a chance to establish itself.

New Rates For DirectVoices

There was a message waiting for me in my inbox yesterday morning from DirectVoices. A message that has me questioning whether or not now might be the time to give it a try?

Basic Plan
(previously at $ 50 annually) will be free of charge for new voices.
Previous Basic members will become Pro members for free (until Sept. 10, 2014)

Pro Plan
(previously at $ 100 annually) will be just $ 50 annually.
Previous Pro members will become Premium members for free for 1 full year (until Sept. 10, 2014)

Premium Plan
(previously at $ 250 annually) will be just $ 100 annually.
Previous Premium members will extend their membership for free for 3 full years (until Sept. 10, 2016)

QUESTION: Do the new rates make you want to try it? Are you already a member? Share your thoughts on the site.