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Never Miss A Facebook Post Again

If you’ve been on Facebook for more than 5 minutes, you’ve heard people complain, or complained yourself, about the algorithms that control Facebook Pages.

I tend to think pretty rationally. If I “Like” a page, it’s because I like whatever the page is about. Therefore, it’s safe to assume I want to see the content that page has to offer. Hence the reason I liked it in the first place!

Facebook doesn’t think this rationally, apparently. They assume less than 10% of the audience of any given page wants to see the content that page has to offer. So the chances of content from a page you’ve liked actually showing up in your News Feed are slim to none at best!

Clearly, the reason behind this is the Sponsored Post. Facebook wants every page to sponsor every post. In fact, every time I share a post on my Facebook Page that gets a couple likes, Facebook immediately begins trying to get me to spend $200 to promote the post.

Never Miss A Facebook Post Again

If you’ve Liked pages and want to make sure to see all the content that page has to offer, there is a solution.


  1. Go to the page of choice (like my page at
  2. Put your mouse over the Like Button (yellow arrow)
  3. Click and hold on the Like Button.
  4. When the menu appears select “Get Notifications”.

That’s it! Simple really, and a trick Facebook doesn’t really promote.

From that point forward, anytime there is a new post on that page, you’ll receive a notification.