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Name That Voiceover Commercial Trend

Voiceover Trends in CommercialsYou can always tell when a new hit commercial has found its way to TV. It’s right around that time that every single audition you read for says, “we’re looking for a voice / tone / read similar to… [insert commercial here].”

If you’ve been a Voice Talent for more than a couple of years you know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ve lived through trends. You’ve probably submitted some of those auditions.

For example, lately, I’ve been seeing a ton of commercial scripts with directions that are seeking spots similar to the Direct TV commercials. You know the ones.

If you don’t get Direct TV solar flares will cause the sun to burn out. A burnt out sun will mean your ghastly white chicken legs will become even whiter. If your ghastly white chicken legs become even whiter the girl you fell in love with in the 5th grade won’t love you anymore. Don’t lose the love of your life. Get Direct TV.

Or something like that.

That got me to thinking about some of the other trends I’ve lived through as a Voice Talent. The Pure Michigan spots voiced by Tim Allen were another one. When those first hit everybody wanted a piece of Pure Michigan for their ads. Oh, and let’s not forget The Most Interesting Man In The World!

In recent memory though, perhaps no other commercial read was more coveted than this one…

How many auditions did you see or submit trying to match that Old Spicey goodness?

What are some of the other commercial trends you remember going through? Link them in the comments below.