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Marketing 101: Just Saying Hi

People are always asking me about my marketing strategies, like I’ve got a whole long list of them. And they’re brilliant. And they make me a million dollars. I’m sorry to disappoint. That’s not exactly the case.

That said, I do have a few different techniques that I’ve picked up over the years. Some work better than others. But there’s one in particular that seems to generate some very positive results. I’m sharing it today because it may very well be one of the easiest marketing tips you’ll ever get. That leaves you with no excuse not to try it!

Marketing 101: Just Saying Hi

I have an email template I keep. It’s four sentences. A grand total of 42 words. And it’s probably word for word, sentence for sentence, the most effective email I’ve ever used.

It’s been a while since we last connected. I thought I’d send a quick note to see how you’re doing.

If there’s anything I can do for you, say the word. I’m always available by email or phone.

That’s honestly it. Of course, there’s my email signature with my contact info. But that’s the entire email.

Top Of Mind

top of mindWhen I haven’t worked with a client for a while my goal is to bring myself top of mind. It’s easy to remember people you work with daily. People you’re in the office with. People you keep in regular contact with. But the voice over guy? Well, you may not need them as often. So, I like to remind people I’m here!

We live in an instant gratification, 140 character tweet, shorthand text message society. That means we want things fast. We want things now. We want things short!

“The single biggest marketing mistake you’ll make is sending a long-winded email.” Click to Tweet

I’m telling you right now, it won’t get read.

Four sentences. Forty two words.

That’s all it takes!