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Want to Make Money with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Master Class

Do you find LinkedIn confusing and can't seem to figure out how to use it to market your voice over business? In this two hour video Master Class, you'll unlock all the strategies you need to expand your network, build relationships and start making money with LinkedIn.

  • Learn how to achieve All Star Status.
  • Learn how to maximize search potential even with a free profile.
  • Learn how to find direct audition opportunities.
  • Learn how to strategically grow your network with leads.
  • Learn how to share content to get you noticed.
  • Learn how to engage with your network to stay top of mind.
  • Learn how to improve your profile SEO.

*** Everything this Master Class teaches can be done with a FREE LinkedIn Profile ***

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What Others are Saying about Making Money with LinkedIn...

"Marc’s LinkedIn class was super helpful. I have taken LinkedIn classes before and had somewhat of a foundation, but having the information Marc provided that is specific to voiceover is helping me take the use of LinkedIn in my business to the next level. Thanks Marc for continuing to put together high end, useful, professionally done courses." ~ Dana R.

"WHAT A FANTASTIC PRESENTATION! Marc is VERY insightful, and thorough in his presentation. LinkedIn used to creep me out but he’s made it very attainable, and really opened my eyes to ways to really make use of this platform to put bread on my table for my family. I’m truly grateful for having registered for this and for the opportunity to learn more about how to maximize my LinkedIn presence. And it’s only maximized even way further when it’s presented by an awesome coach – and that’s Marc. Thanks so much Mr. Scott! Excellent stuff, most excellent indeed…and very timely and helpful." ~ Joshua A.

Marc’s LinkedIn Master Class was pure gold. So many helpful tips that I hadn’t thought of before. I will be reviewing the Master Class again to make sure I’ve left no stone unturned on my LinkedIn profile and use. Marc is insightful and has definitely done his homework to make sure he’s bringing you everything you need to succeed. ~ Frankie D.

3 Easy Steps to LinkedIn Success

1) All-Star Profile

2) Grow Your Network

3) Build Relationships

If you're going to make money with LinkedIn the first thing you need to do is fully complete your profile and achieve All Star Status.

I'll teach you how to complete your profile, writing each section with your voice over buyers in mind.

To make money with LinkedIn you need to have a strong network filled with potential voice over buyers, not just voice actors.

I'll teach you how to find the right people and establish the connections you need to grow.

A strong network only works for you if you're taking the time daily to engage with your connections and sharing valuable content.

I'll show you specific strategies for engagement as well as provide examples of what you can share.

What Others are Saying about Making Money with LinkedIn...

This training is of immense value for anyone using LinkedIn to market themselves, their services, or their business. I was already a LinkedIn (LI) user when I decided to take Marc’s class. I had been receiving his LI emails pretty regularly and found them extremely useful, but I was truly surprised by the sheer amount of knowledge and information Marc was able to share about the platform… how to use it, how it will benefit my business, and how to improve on what I’d already put there. I had no idea LinkedIn was such a vast service, and Marc’s training was the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen on the subject. ~ J.D. K.

I thought I had it going on with the way my LinkedIn account was set up. I humbly admit that I was wrong. After this webinar I changed everything. Upon doing so, things started changing…..and that was the desired effect. This webinar is worth it. Marc is a great marketing mentor…..even for a Red Sox fan. ~ Royal J,

I have said it once and I will say it again, Marc is the bees knees! This course it exactly what I needed to up my LinkedIn game. I took so many notes. The information inside this course is so valuable. He explains everythingin easy steps and it’s simple to do! If you want to grow your voiceover business, create nore opportunities, and make more money this year you must get in on this course! The time is NOW and I am ready to implement these tips and techniques to generate more business for my voiceover career. Thank you, Marc! ~ Meg M.

More About the Master Class

Everything you'll learn in this Master Class is possible with a FREE LinkedIn Profile. All I've ever had is a free profile and that's how I make money with LinkedIn!

  • Two-hour video class available online.
  • Receive instant access with your order.
  • Watch as often as you'd like.
  • Lifetime access (as long as I pay my server bills! ;)
  • Loaded with strategies for engagement.
  • Specific examples of content that you can post and share.

What Others are Saying about Making Money with LinkedIn...

Going into this class, I was already using LinkedIn, but I knew I could use it even better. Marc did not disappoint. I have watched and rewatched this webinar slowly and methodically, tweaking my profile, and my activity one step at a time Marc’s teaches in a way that comprehensive and extremely well explained. The webinar is jam-packed with great tips I didn’t consider, all while being simple and sensible to apply. I am already seeing a difference. In one week, my profile views have increased 300%! That is massive! Thank you Marc! ~ Brigid R.

I have been with LinkedIn for a few years but not until I took Marc’s LinkedIn Class was I able understand how LinkedIn can work for my VO business. His class is comprehensive, providing valuable tips on marketing through LinkedIn, with easy to follow instructions and explanations on how to set up you profile, how LinkedIn rates your profile, as well as many invaluable tips to build your network. Also, great to go back to the recording of the class in case you forgot something. Highly recommend Marc’s class! ~ Michelle G,

I was always a member of Linkedin, but really, just so I could say that I was “on Linkedin” I never really used it for anything… until this course. After going through this training, I was able to understand how to be seen, how to interact and find work and it really has helped. Just yesterday I had somebody message me through Linkedin that I had known many years ago. He ran across my profile because of some activity that I was finally doing on Linkedin, telling me that he didn’t realize I did VO, and that he has started up his own sales training company and was tired of doing all of his own voicing and production because he knows he’s terrible at it. We will be talking about my involvement… all do to Linkedin, and more specifically this class. I will make light years more money because of this class than the class cost. GREAT ROI! ~ Jason L.

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