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Leaving 2012 Behind

Rearview MirrorI have a saying that I try and live by. It’s one of those fortune cookie type nuggets that I love to toss out to people in all kinds of different situations. I’m going to drop it on you now.

There’s a reason the rearview mirror in your car is a fraction of the size of your windshield. What’s behind you isn’t nearly as important as what’s in front of you.

Was 2012 great to you?

Was 2012 a year you’d rather forget?

It doesn’t matter.

Focus Forward

Celebrate your success, to be sure. Learn from your mistakes, of course. Just don’t dwell on what’s behind you.

At midnight we turn a page. An old year is gone, a new year will begin.

Look out the windshield!

Look for new clients.

Look for new opportunities.

Look for new learning experiences.

Look for new networks.

Look for new mentors.

Look for new friends.

Look for new ideas.

Leave 2012 where it belongs, in your rearview mirror. Keep your eyes focussed forward on 2013 and everything that is in front of you.

Make it your year.

QUESTION: Have you got any business resolutions for 2013?