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Is It Possible To Do Too Much Coaching?

How about that for a potentially controversial topic? Is it possible to do too much coaching?

Seems like a risky question for me to ask when voice over business coaching is part of what I do! Nevertheless, it’s a valid question. One worth exploring.

Talk to any coach and the first thing they’ll tell someone looking to get into voice over is “take coaching.” That’s just smart business. It’s also sound advice, to be fair.

Talk to any professional voice actor doing well in their career, odds are they’ll give credit, at least in part, to a coach or two or four they’ve worked with along the way.

I refer people to coaches on a near daily basis! My coaching services aren’t right for everyone, after all. I’m not looking to prey on people for money. I’m more interested in helping them succeed!

There are coaching programs out there specifically designed to sell you more coaching programs. They offer little to no value. We call them predators.

At what point, though, does the line get drawn? At what point do you have to stop yourself and question if you’re doing too much coaching? Does that point, that line, even exist?

Is It Possible To Do Too Much Coaching?

A couple of questions to ask yourself…

  • Why do I think I need more coaching? An honest answer to this one can offer a lot of insight into mindset, and perhaps whether you’re spending your training dollars in the appropriate manner.
  • Has a trusted colleague suggested coaching? It’s one thing when we tell ourselves we need more coaching. It’s something different when other professionals we trust recommend it. They may hear or notice things in our work we can’t see or hear ourselves.
  • Are you training for a new genre or niche? This is often a good reason for coaching. I recently went through this myself, as I prepare to expand my business into the commercial market. New ventures often require new training.
  • How long has it been? Did you work with a coach six months ago or six years ago? This makes a difference.

All of these questions can offer insight, but the one that matters most is the hardest one to ask. Personally, I think this is the number one reason I see people doing too much coaching.

  • Am I using coaching as an excuse to not get started?

using coaching as a crutch

Has Coaching Become A Crutch?

Ouch, right?

Tough question. But I see it a lot. In fact, I’ve called a few of my own coaching clients out for this.

When we’re getting started, sometimes the idea of actually getting started is really intimidating. Once you put yourself out there, it’s impossible to take it all back.

Once you’ve started auditioning, sending demos, doing marketing, contacting agents, a major reality check is going to occur. It may be good. It may be bad. Either way, it’s unavoidable… unless you just keep coaching and never take the leap.

Don’t let coaching become an excuse for not actually getting started. Tweet This

Trust yourself. Your talent. Your skill. What you’ve already learned.

A good coach is going to tell you when you’re ready. Not keep trying to sell you more coaching. If one coach tells you you’re ready, don’t use that an excuse to move onto a new coach. Paying six different coaches to validate you is a sign of a deeper confidence issue. Sometimes the best way to resolve that confidence issue is to just start auditioning!

The first booked voice over job is going to do more for your confidence than 10 hours with coaches!

Just Get Started

Nobody wants to be rejected.

Nobody wants to make a fool of themselves.

I get it. I’ve been there. I’m still there! Here’s a little truth nugget for you, that feeling never goes away. Whether you’re 10 minutes into the business or 10 years into the business.

Here’s another truth nugget for you, the more confident you are in yourself, the less likely you’re going to be rejected and/or make a fool of yourself!

Coaching is a tool. A resource. A necessary part of development. But if you’re waiting until you’re perfect before you ever leave the safety of the classroom for the reality of the studio, that day will never come!

Is it possible to do too much coaching? If you’re using it as a crutch, now you know the answer.

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