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If You’ve Got Nothing Good To Say…

I’m a member of a number of different voice over communities online. Groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, to name a few. All told, I peruse maybe a dozen different groups on any given day.

The talent level in these groups varies from the newest of newbies to the most veteran of veterans. They’re a great place to ask questions, share tips and tricks, network with fellow voice actors and, perhaps most important, to learn. One thing the Internet is great for is free knowledge. There’s a lot of that flowing in these groups.

If You’ve Got Nothing Good To Say

if-you-cant-say-something-niceWe’ve all heard the old adage if you’ve got nothing good to say, say nothing at all. I have to tell that lately, I’ve wanted to create some kind of bold, eye catching graphic with that quote and share it in every single group I participate in.

While it’s true that there’s much to be learned in these various voice over communities, it’s also true that more and more, there seems to be a lot of conversations worth avoiding all together. A lot of negative conversations.

The Internet, so it seems, has given folks an outlet to vent. And vent they do! When people are angry, frustrated, disappointed, confused, or hurt, they fill walls and feeds and streams with every last negative thought, word, and emotion in their body!

To what end, I wonder?

You Are What You Eat

If it’s true that we are we what we eat, and we are what we read, then I can only assume that it’s also true that we are what we think!

Let me encourage you to consider very carefully the conversations that you allow yourself to get wrapped up. Sharing a concern for the benefit of others is one thing. Venting simply for the sake of complaining or causing harm to someone or something is an entirely different animal. One I’d advise staying clear away from.

There are things in this industry that may not be right or fair. Show me any industry where there isn’t! We aren’t always going to agree with each other. We aren’t always going to agree with the decisions of companies that are part of this industry. That doesn’t mean we need to stand on a soapbox and scream bloody murder.

Where’s Your Focus

no-one-has-made-himself-greatInstead, focus on you and your business. On how you can make it better. For yourself. For your clients. For your colleagues. To the best of my knowledge, change has never come as a result of complaining or whining or knocking other people down. Change comes when we make decisions and take productive actions to bring it about.

Instead, focus on you and your business. On how you can make it better. For yourself. For your clients. For your colleagues.

I’ve worked with a lot of clients over the years, and I’ve had conversations with many of them on this subject. There’s one theme that is repeated to me over and over again. No client wants to be associated with a negative voice talent. Period. They don’t want to work with them. They don’t want them representing their product, service or brand.

Before you join in that next conversation online bashing this or complaining about that ask yourself if it’s worth it. Ask yourself if anything good will come of it. When you realize the answer is no, save your comments for another day and another forum. One that can actually do good!

QUESTION: Have you ever regretted negative comments posted in an online forum?