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If You Want It… Go Get It

Go Get ItI see two camps in the voiceover world. Not to say these are the only two camps. Perhaps just more so that they are two of the prominent camps.

There are people who wait for work. There are people who go get work.

How Hard Can This Voiceover Thing Be?

If you think all you need to do is build a web site, submit it to Google, create a nice little demo and do some self promotion through the social networks, you’re mistaken. This isn’t a cornfield in Iowa. If you build it, they won’t come. Calling yourself a Voice Talent and telling people you do voiceovers isn’t enough. Not at all.

Still, people do this everyday. I’ve spoke with some of them. They send me emails and Twitter messages. They ask me how I do it. “My friends told me I have a great voice,” they say. “I don’t understand why I can’t make this voiceover thing work,” they defeatedly exclaim. They really mean it. They just figured they could wake up one morning, call themselves a Voice Talent and start booking work.

That’s about as effective of a plan as me rolling out of bed tomorrow morning and applying for a job as Paramedic because I put a bandaid on a friends finger once.

Then there is the other camp. The people who go get work.

Want To Book Voiceover Work This Week?

How many demos are you going to send out this week?

How many new contacts are you going to make?

How many past clients do you plan to reach out to?

How many auditions will you submit?

How much time will you spend networking?

How much time will you spend connecting via social media?

Go Get It!

If you have legit answers to all of those questions, you will work this week. If you have a plan of attack. If you’ve set goals. If you dive in, get dirty and go get it, you will work this week. The jobs are out there. But I’ll tell you right now, 9 out of 10 times they aren’t going to come to you. If you want them you better be willing to put the time, effort and sweat in to go get them.

If you haven’t answered those questions yet, do it now. Then go after it!

Good luck this week.