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I Love Your Voice But…

Choices - Marc Scott - Male Voice TalentA couple of weeks ago I received an email inquiry via my web site. It was a potential new client. I always enjoy getting those.

In their email the client outlined the details of the project they needed voiced. A quick video voiceover. No big deal. All they wanted from me was a price. After looking over their script and their project details I provided them with a quote.

I then suggested they review some of my demos to give them an idea of my sound and delivery. This would also help them give me a little direction. For example, “I liked the way you sounded on {insert video here}.”

With that, I waited.

The next day I heard back from them excited and ready to proceed. I asked if they had listened to my demos and they said they had and they loved my voice. Then they did something that was rather unexpected.

When I asked them about how they wanted the voiceover to sound they linked me to a YouTube video. Their instructions were, “please sound like this. This is the exact voice I’m looking for.”

One problem.

The video they linked wasn’t mine!

After explaining to the potential client that my voice sounded nothing like that and that I wouldn’t be able to give them what they were looking for if that’s what they wanted, they thanked me for my time and I never heard from them again.

Has this ever happened to you before?