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How To Start Finding Leads Locally

When it comes to looking for voice over work, there are default avenues we turn to.

  • Casting Sites
  • Agents
  • Google Searches

Thanks to the internet, we even look beyond our borders. I’ve got amazing, regular voice over clients in Turkey, Italy, Spain and United Arab Emirates, just to name a few.

Seldom, though, do we take time to consider the amazing opportunities that may exist right in our own backyard. This rings true even if you aren’t based in a major centre like LA, Chicago, New York or Toronto. There are people using voice over in cities and small towns all around the globe!

4 Considerations For Finding Leads Locally

Walking Down the Street: As you’re out day to day living life and running errands, start paying attention to the opportunities that may exist as you’re walking down the street. What offices do you pass? What shops do you stop in? Leave your phone in your pocket and survey your surroundings.

In the Store: As you’re shopping in different stores, listen. Where do you hear voice over being used? Or, if you’re not hearing it, where COULD voice over be used? Could you offer a suggestion for something the business owner hasn’t even thought of yet?

In Your Circle: Who do you know and where do they work? Do you have friends or family members who run businesses? Who manage businesses? Who can help you expand your network through introductions and referrals? Have you ever really taken the time to asses your network and determine if opportunities might exist or could be created?

While You’re Driving: As you’re cruising around town, taking kids to school, pick up kids from school. Driving to baseball practice, dance recitals, the grocery store, dentist office and everywhere else you travel day to day… read the signs. For all the businesses you pass, big or small, how could they benefit from voice over? How could they use you?

Don’t underestimate the number of #voiceover opportunities that exist in your own backyard.
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Brainstorm The Possibilities

We do work for companies of all different sizes on a daily basis. We find the jobs on casting sites. Our agents send us the auditions. I’d bet money many of those same types of jobs and opportunities exist in your community. You just need to take the time to look for them.

  • A supermarket with in-store radio.
  • A car dealer producing commercials.
  • A transit system with stop announcements.
  • A university creating eLearning.
  • A concert venue with on-hold messaging.
  • A sports team that needs a voice.

The key here is to not rule out any idea. They’re all worth pursuing. What’s the worst that happens? You inquire and they say no? Big deal!

What’s the best that can happen? They book you and become a consistent revenue stream for your business.

The Opportunities Are Out There

Keep your eyes and ears open.

Beyond that, don’t be afraid to think about ways people could use your voice they may not have even thought of yet! Your idea could just what they were looking for as a way to ramp up their own advertising or marketing efforts!

The other bonus to all this; when you’re finding leads locally, particularly in smaller cities and towns, you’re much less likely to have the some kind of competition that you’d find when you’re auditioning on a casting site or through an agent!

So start your brainstorming! You might be surprised where your next booking comes from!