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How to Respond to Production Houses That Only Use Casting Sites

When you’re direct marketing your voice over business to potential leads, one of the inevitable responses you’ll receive is that the production house doesn’t keep a roster of voice actors because they book all their talent through online casting sites.

Great. Now what. You’re trying not to use casting sites!

There are a couple options you have when faced with this response.

How to Respond to Production Houses That Only Use Casting Sites

If you do have a casting site membership, the most obvious response is to send them a reply and include a link to your profile. Invite them to add you to their list of favorites. Let them know you’d happily audition for any project they post that fits your profile. Also suggest to them that if they send you direct invitations, it’ll guarantee you see their casting and can reply promptly.

One key to remember when you’re writing your reply… word it so it offers them benefit. As with the direct invitation. It’s not about you getting an opportunity. It’s about them receiving a prompt audition.

If you don’t have a casting site membership, you can still have a free profile. Though I’d personally not recommend associating yourself with Voices dot com for their abhorrent business practices, there’s nothing wrong with setting up your free profile on Voice123. With a free profile potential clients can still invite you to audition.

This is all well and good if you’re on the casting sites. What about if you’re not? What if you don’t even have a free profile?

In that case, the best you can do is to offer a benefit statement that may spark their interest in you.

Let them know you don’t use online casting sites. However, if they’re ever in need of a voice over they think you may be right for, or perhaps they don’t find what they’re looking for on the casting site, let them know you’ll happily audition for them any time and that they can reach out to you directly.

Find a way to speak to the ease of using you. Direct communication. No middlemen. Quicker turnaround.

When a company says they only source #voiceover through a casting site, offer a benefit to spark their interest.
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The 10,000 Pound Casting Elephant In The Room

What do I do when a lead says they use Voices dot com?

Most talent want to take full advantage of this to launch into a diatribe about the casting site, it’s loathsome policies and how it’s generally considered to bring about the voice over industry apocalypse.

Might I suggest a more subtle approach?

Here’s my response; “Unfortunately due to questionable business practices that didn’t always align with the best interests of my clients and business, I’ve chosen to no longer associate with Voices dot com. However, if there’s ever an opportunity where I could assist you directly, please don’t hesitate to reach out.”

That’s my best diplomatic response. Sometimes it opens the door to further conversation. Sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, it makes a point without making you look like a jerk!

As I always say, marketing is a numbers game. You may not get the results you want when companies rely on casting sites, but you never know when a window of opportunity may open. I’ve had success with this approach in the past. I know you can too!