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How To Pass The Time When You’re Sick And Can’t Do Voice Over

Well… it’s been exactly one week since the cold set in and took over my brain and my noise and my throat and what not.

Exactly one week of lost productivity.

So what’s a VO to do when he can’t do voice over?

How To Pass The Time When You’re Sick

I’ve slept on the couch. A lot. Maybe too much. I find I sleep better with my head at the east end vs the west end, though. So that’s probably good info to bank for future reference.

I’ve scrubbed my microphone with a Q-Tip… you know… don’t want any residual germs left over.

I’ve watched almost every single playoff baseball game from start to finish. I’ve congratulated Derek Chappell via Twitter… I’m rooting for his Royals too.

I’ve drank roughly 10 litres of ginger ale (that’s almost 3 gallons for my American friends).

I’ve blown through three boxes of tissues. My nose feels like 60 grit sander and looks like Rudolph.

I’ve polished off a bottle of DayQuil, a bottle of NyQuil, a bottle of Dristan, a bottle of Robitussin, a bottle of Benylin and a bottle of Advil.

I’ve ate approximately 14 cans of chicken soup (might be 15… my math skills have suffered under the influence of cold meds).

I’m now a level 47 farmer on Hay Day. If I can’t do voice over again soon I might just buy some cows.

And when I got bored from all of that… I took a selfie.


Being sick is no fun. Especially when you make a living with your voice and can’t talk.

But what the heck… if it’s going to happen, you may as well have some fun with it. 🙂

After you finish reading this post, you might want to wash your hands and computer with hand sanitizer… just in case I’m still contagious!