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How To Never Give Up

I’d like to thank Rose Caiazzo (@JacksonHoleRose) for sharing this infographic on Twitter recently.


How To Never Give Up

1) One of the things I love about the voice over business is there’s always going to be another audition opportunity. In fact, dozens of them are there on any given day. Don’t let one bad audition bring you down!

2) I don’t like to say lower your expectations, but certainly be reasonable about them. Break the big goals down to small goals. That will help you eventually achieve your big expectations.

3) The very nature of this business means you’ve chosen to face rejection. If you’re tough enough to face that daily, you’ve got the strength to eventually succeed!

4) Persistence is essential to your success and survival. Always look for new and creative ways to find clients and generate work. Never stop thinking, networking, learning and trying. Do this and you will be rewarded!

5) Some will tell you to fake success. I say visualize it. Imagine yourself booking that dream job or landing that dream client. Only when you believe it’s possible in your head and your heart can it really happen!

6) There are thousands upon thousands of people who call themselves voice actors. That can be a daunting truth to face. Instead, remember this one truth… none of them sound like you!

7) Success will not come overnight. There will be dry spells. There will be days when you’ll want to give up. There will be times when you’ll tell yourself to “go get a real job.” Only those who are willing to ride the storm will experience the amazing success and prosperity waiting on the other side!

QUESTION: How do you stay motivated each day?