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How To Get Out Of A Career Rut In One Simple Step

I shared a quote on my Facebook page yesterday. I can’t take credit for it. It’s something I came across on Twitter. It’s not an uncommon principle. It’s been quoted countless times with countless variations that all have the same foundation and meaning.

It really is the best advice you’ll receive today.

be a blessing to somebody elseBeing A Blessing

The main reason I write this blog is because it gives me an opportunity to share some of the tips, tricks and wisdom I’ve learned over the years doing voice over. My hope is those of you that read will be encouraged. That you’ll learn something new. That you’ll avoid a mistake in your career or business because of something I’ve shared.

I want to be a blessing to you.

A talent sent me an email the other day ( and thanked me for always being so encouraging and positive towards her on Twitter. Again, this is my goal. To use my platform that I’ve built over the years to help others believe in themselves and achieve success.

I want to be a blessing to you.

Bless Somebody Else

hello you are awesomeHere’s the thing about being a blessing to somebody else. As much as you may intend for that blessing to be a gift to the receiver, the truth is, it’s just as much a gift for you. The giver.

It’s not something that’s meant to be done selfishly, but it’s an unavoidable truth that when you bless somebody else, you’re going to feel great about yourself!

If you’re in a rut in your voice over career, why not try it?

Encourage another talent. Offer them some advice. Congratulate them on a project they’ve done. Leave a comment on their blog. Send them a tweet. Write on their wall. Write them an encouraging email. Think about how someone could encourage you, and then do that for someone else.

The feeling that you’ll get by making somebody else feel good may be just the positive shot of energy you need to get yourself out of your funk!

QUESTION: Have you ever tried blessing somebody else only to feel blessed yourself?