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How Fear Holds You Back

When you take pride in your work, you want to be awesome. I think this might be especially true for creatives, because the work is so much more personal. It’s part of us. Of who we are. Fewer things can make one feel more vulnerable than putting your own voice out there to be heard. Judged. Critiqued.

I’m a few coaching sessions into preparing for my new commercial demo. The hardest part of having to work with a coach has been knowing that I needed to work with a coach at all. In my head, I want to be good enough already that I don’t have to. It’s been a humbling experience.

On one hand, I feel like I’m not good enough. On the other hand, I’m excited (and incredibly challenged) by the prospect of getting better.

What it really boils down to is me needing to get out of my own way to improve.

How Fear Holds You Back

As I considered all this, it made me wonder how many of you might be putting off coaching opportunities because you feel the same way. Maybe you know you need the work. You just don’t want to admit it. Or, you’re worried you won’t be good enough. Only, that’s the entire reason for coaching in the first place… to get better! Maybe it’s fear of failure. Or investing financially with no guarantees of return.

Pride is a tricky thing. It can give us confidence which can make us better. It can also give us a false sense of assurance that can hold us back.

Something else I’ve learned is your attitude going in will, perhaps, have more influence on the outcome than any other single factor.

Mindset Matters

I approach each new coaching session knowing I’m going to come out better. I remind myself frequently that each session brings me closer to the ultimate goal. My new commercial demo. My attitude is checked repeatedly. If my mindset isn’t right, success is much less likely.

People who succeed make decisions based on goals. Not on feelings. Fear is a feeling.

If it’s holding you back from doing what you know you need to do to get better. To achieve a new level of success in your career. Kick. It. In. The. Face.

You only stop being good enough when you stop trying.

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