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How Do You Build A Voice Over Business?

When I first started in voice over it was in the capacity of a radio announcer. As far as I understood it, the only possible way to get voice over work was to voice radio commercials.

This is what I knew.

Fast forward a few years. I’m introduced to an online casting site. Then another. For the next couple years, this was my business model. As far as I understood it, the only possible way to get voice over work was to be on all the casting sites.

This is what I knew.

For forward a couple more years. I’m no longer paying for a subscription to any casting site. Basically all of my voice over work comes from existing clients and the new clients I’m working daily to add. My business model is marketing, marketing, marketing.

All day, every day, I’m looking for ways to let people know I’m here. Ready, willing and able to record their voice overs.

What We Think We Know

What Do You Know About Building A Voice Over BusinessSometimes we get these ideas in our head about how things work. Or how we assume they’re supposed to work. No point in re-inventing the wheel, after all. Right? So we settle into a routine.

Forget thinking outside of the box, we don’t even look outside of the box!

We know what works. We know how it’s done. We know what we know and that’s all there is to know.

What do you think know about voice over?

  • Do you “know” it requires a certain type of microphone?
  • Do you “know” it requires an agent in every market?
  • Do you “know” it requires submitting 40 auditions a day on half a dozen P2P’s?
  • Do you “know” you need to work with a certain coach?
  • Do you “know” you must be union… or non?

Or is it time to blow up everything you know, or think you know, and come at it from an entirely new and fresh perspective?

Could There Be More Than One Way?

I used to think you had to be in radio. Then I used to think you had to be on the P2P’s. Now, I think it’s all about marketing.

The more I learned, the more I realized there was a lot I didn’t know.

What about you? Could there be more than one way to build your voice over business?

Here’s my challenge to you. Take some time today to try something entirely new. Throw out everything you think you know, and try something entirely new.

Maybe there’s another way to build your business you haven’t even thought of yet!

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