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Free Yourself From All Day Pay 2 Play

Show of hands… who likes sitting at the computer all day every day competing with hundreds (or thousands) of other voice actors trying to submit the most auditions and book jobs via online casting sites?

Interesting… I see no hands.

Online casting sites are a great way to book work. Don’t get me wrong. But if they’re your only source, and your business is dependant on submitting dozens upon dozens of auditions daily, and getting them submitted early enough in the process to actually get heard… you’re doing it wrong.

Free Yourself From All Day Pay 2 Play

hands-inFor those of you that have questioned if there’s a better way, I’m here to tell you… there is! Right now, approximately 80-90% of my voice over work walks through the door on a weekly basis.

In other words… scripts just appear in my inbox.

If I have time to submit some Pay 2 Play auditions, I will and do. But I’m not forced to be in front of the microphone feverishly auditioning for every job that matches my profile.

The goal isn’t to collect customers. The goal is to build relationships. Click to Tweet

If your current business model is to audition for as many jobs as humanly possible and see what comes back to you, you’re unlikely to ever have the freedom that comes with work walking through the door. That’s because you’re collecting customers. You’re building a business on one-off jobs that are unlikely to bring repeat business.

You Need To Be Building Relationships

I’m very strategic in my marketing. I’m not reaching out to people who need one voice over. I’m reaching out to people who need one voice over a month. Or one voice over a week. Or one voice over every couple days.

When I find those people, I begin to build a relationship. A relationship that is mutually beneficial. A relationship that ultimately results in work walking through my door.

By spending a lot less time sitting in front of the computer on casting sites, I can spend more time marketing myself to the right people. The people that will help me build my business. I’m not collecting customers. I’m building relationships that will last for years to come.