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Easy Marketing vs Hard Marketing

People love casting sites because they’re easy.

Each day, you sign into a site. Browse through available voice over auditions. Submit for the jobs you like. Then wait for someone to hire you. All in all, there’s not much effort required. Like I said, easy.

Thing is, easy is seldom a path towards great.

Marketing your voice over business directly to clients is hard. Really hard. In fact, some days, I think it downright sucks! Sending 20, 30, or even 40 emails in a day. Maybe hearing back from a couple or few. If you’re lucky.

When casting sites fail you, it’s easy to blame them for your lack of success.

Perhaps that’s why so few choose to do their own marketing? Then you run the risk of having no one to blame but yourself. We don’t like it much when things go poorly and it’s our own fault.

On the other hand, it feels pretty good knowing you’re solely responsible when you do succeed.

It feels even better knowing the only person controlling your business, career and future is you.

Not sure about you, but I’ll take my chances on the path towards great.

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