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Dreading Monday?

Monday: Everybody Hates MeWhen I check my Facebook News Feed on Sunday evening, one thing is very clear. Most of my friends hate Monday.

Twitter offers much of the same.

No Love For Monday

“Monday? ..Really? I’m quite sure I didn’t get my full portion of weekend!” (Twitter)

“MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE? Monday has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Please resume your normal Facebook activities. Thank you!” (Facebook)

“Dear Monday – I think we should see other people! I cant stand how you make me feel, and its just not working out. Really, we are just not good for each other!!” (Facebook)

“WARNING! A virus called Monday is fast approaching. There is no cure.” (Twitter)

Do You Have Passion?

keep-calm-and-love-mondayIf you want a successful career in voice over, or in any field of work for that matter, you’ve got to have passion. Without passion for what you’re doing, you’ll never reach your full potential because you’ll never give 100% of yourself to your work.

So let me ask you, are you passionate about your voice over career?

Do you love thinking about and dreaming about your business and improving it and yourself?

If you don’t have that kind of passion, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your chosen path.

Stop Hating Monday

So you’re asking, “how do I know if I have that kind of passion?”

One easy way to tell is by asking yourself how you feel about Monday. If you’re like the masses that post hate for Monday every Sunday, maybe you’re not passionate about your career.

If you were passionate about voice over, you’d be excited for Monday. You can’t wait to get back into the week. You spend all weekend looking forward to new clients, new opportunities and new challenges.

That’s the kind of drive you need to succeed. Maybe it’s time to start showing a little more love for Monday!

QUESTION: How do you feel about Monday?