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Don’t Be Bitter

Don't Be BitterYou auditioned.

You felt confident.

You waited.

You didn’t get the job.

What do you do next? I only ask because what you do next is a reflection of you, your attitude, and even how you conduct your business.

I follow several lists of voice talents on Twitter. I read through tweets on a daily basis from probably close to 1000 people who do voice-over in some capacity. While reading through those tweets each day I noticed a reoccurring theme.


There are a lot of people who tweet a lot of negative, bitter and defeatest content.

Nobody likes to miss out on a gig, but there is probably a good reason for the fact that you didn’t book the gig. Odds are that reason has little to do with your ability, and more to do with the fact that you just didn’t match the project or you weren’t the voice the client heard in their head when they conceptualized it.

Remember this… the Internet lasts forever. Clients will Google you. All those bitter and negative comments could come back to haunt you one day. The comments on one missed gig could lead to a lot more.

Nobody wants to work with someone who is negative.

So you didn’t get the gig. Let it go. Instead, focus on getting the next one!