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Competing With Fiverr

A potential client you’ve been trying to land sends you a note…

“I’ve recently started hiring professional voice talent on Fiverr. I love your voice, and would love to work with you. If you’re able to compete with those rates, lets talk.”

How Do You Respond?

A) Laugh. Choke on your donut. Then tell the client to take a flying leap.

B) Ignore the client. Pretend Fiverr doesn’t exist. Carry on with your blissful life.

C) Say, “Heck yeah I can compete. Any work is good work!”

D) Educate the client as to what a professional actually charges and why.

Here’s A Hint

The answer you choose offers a great deal of insight into not only how you run your voice over business, but how successful your business will ultimately be.

It’s also what will distinguish you as either a “professional talent” on Fiverr, or an actual legit pro.

Choose wisely!

FOR COMMENT: How you would respond?