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Being The Answer To Your Voice Over Prayers

I’ve been reading a book by Philip Yancey this week titled, Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? It’s been a really thought provoking read for me, as I dive deeper in the subject of prayer.

Without preaching a sermon, we all understand the concept of prayer. Human beings asking, sometimes crying out, begging or pleading, to God, or some other higher power, for help. Healing, financial support, to mend a relationship, for employment, for peace. At some point or another, believer or not, I’d say we’ve all prayed.

Answered Prayers

folded-hands-in-prayerThe further I get into the book, and the more time I spend reflecting on all Yancey has to say on the subject, the more I begin to realize that, in many ways, God is looking to us to be the answer to our prayers.

For example, have you ever prayed for God to help a friend in need? After you prayed, did you ever offer to help that friend in need? That’s an opportunity for God to use you as an answer to your prayer.

I’m not saying we don’t need God. I’m not saying we are God. I’m just saying that, in the world we now live in, where Jesus is no longer walking the earth performing miracles, in many cases God is looking to use us as a tool to answer prayers.

We pray to feed the hungry, but do we buy extra groceries for our local food bank? We pray for an end to homelessness, but have we ever offered our labor to Habitat for Humanity? We pray for comfort for the sick, but have we ever visited them in the hospital?

Voice Over Prayers

What the heck does this have to do with voice over? I know that’s what you’re asking.

How many times have you sat in your studio frustrated with your equipment, wishing that you had something better? When’s the last time you reached out to a fellow talent, producer or engineer for a little bit of advice? When is the last time you read a book or blog or article to try and learn more about the subject?

Do you sit in your studio on days when there is no work saying, “Geez… why is there no work today? I wish I had work today! Why don’t I have any work today?” Let me ask you, on those days, when there is no work, how many demos do you send out? How many production companies do you cold call? How many past clients do you reconnect with?

Have you ever complained that you can’t make enough money in voice over? That the jobs just don’t pay enough? While you’re complaining, are you still bidding on freelance sites where voice work is purchased for $20? Are you still on Fiverr doing jobs for $5? Are you still undercutting posted budgets on the Pay To Play sites?

Maybe you’re submitting a dozen, fifteen or twenty auditions a day and not booking any work. You’re fed up. Have you ever listened to the quality of your audio? Have you ever had a colleague or mentor evaluate the quality of your read? Have you ever considered whether you’re auditioning for the wrong types of jobs?

Answer Your Own Prayers

man in praiseSitting around complaining is easy. Doing nothing is easy. Getting frustrated is easy. Heck, praying to God for your success is even easy. But I’ll tell you right now, your miracle cure isn’t coming doing any of those things!

If there’s a particular problem you’re struggling with in your career or business, start looking for the solution. Get off your hind-parts and do the work! Ask a friend. Talk to a mentor. Hire a coach. Read a book. Listen to demos. Start taking practical steps.

Get off your hind-parts and do the work!

Be the answer to your prayers!

QUESTION: How can I help you? Is there a particular issue you’re struggling with? I’m happy to do what I can.