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Be Original

Some people think that I just sit around all day with my iPhone in hand waiting for people to call me and ask me to voice stuff for them. As much as I wish this were true, and occasionally it is, for the most part there is a little more effort involved. Or a lot. I do have a lot of established clients who are fantastic to work with, but they didn’t just magically find me one day.

First, I auditioned.

More than sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, I’m always trying to get my voice out there in front of as many people as I can. I do that by auditioning. In the end, I can only hope that I’ve given the prospective client the read they’re looking for or the voice they heard inside of their head when they conceptualized their project.

Lately I’ve noticed a trend in a lot of the voiceover job postings I’ve been reading. Everybody is looking for the same voice. Either they want Dennis Leary’s Ford read or Sam Elliot’s Dodge read or James Earl Jones’s Voice Of God read.

Why is everybody looking for the same voice?

Where is the uniqueness?

How does it set your brand apart?

Be original. Don’t do what all those other guys are doing for their commercials or web videos or promos. If you’re looking for something different, something casual, something friendly, something unique to your brand, I think I can help you with that.

Let’s chat about your project.

If you still decide you want the same thing as everyone else, I guess this guy is looking for work. 🙂