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Ask Yourself: Who Is It For???

I love watching Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network. If you’ve never watched an episode, by the way, put it on your priority list. The sabotages that take place on that show will blow your mind, and usually leave you smiling big and laughing hard. I mean, a guy forced to prepare his entire meal while “floating” in an inner-tube, with nothing to prep on but the top of a small camping cooler he’s dragging around with him attached by a rope?

Yeah… it’s nuts!

There’s a trend I’ve noticed on that show that seems to sink more contestants than any other.

They cook for themselves.

Thing is, they don’t hold their fate… the judge does!

When they’re prepping their meals, they think about what they want, what they think, how they interpret the dish and all the while they lose sight of the fact they’re not cooking for their own enjoyment. They’re cooking for the judges approval.

When a judge gives you advice… you listen!

At least you do when you want to win.

Who Are You Cooking For?

The same rings true in your voice over work.

How many times have you looked at a script and instantly felt like you knew exactly how it should be read… only to find out the client provided instructions that are in an entirely different direction?

When you wrote the copy for your website, did you write it for yourself or thinking about the audience you want reading it?

When you’re preparing marketing materials is it all about you or is it all for the person you’re reaching out to?

Do you listen to what your coach is telling you or do you keep doing things your way?

In other words… are you cooking for yourself or for the judge?

Remember… the contestants who cook for themselves always lose the game.