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Are You Taking Advantage Of Down Days?

It’s easy to get really frustrated in the slow times. We all go through them, to be clear. In my own business, I have weeks where I feel like I can’t keep up, and weeks where the only talking I do is to the TV while I’m armchair quarterbacking a NASCAR race.

For many, the slow times feel like a punishment. The tendency is to get negative and feel defeated. To be discouraged with the lack of forward progress. I understand that. I also know how detrimental that mindset can be to breaking out of a dry spell.

When I find myself in a slower time, I view it as a gift. A chance to focus on other areas of my life or business that perhaps haven’t had all the attention they need or deserve.

We assume we’re only working if we’re getting paid. That is to say, if the project doesn’t end with an invoice, it’s of no benefit to our business. That’s simply not true.

Reading a really great book doesn’t end with an invoice. It may not feel like you’re “working.” A few weeks or months down the road, however, when you’ve implemented what you’ve learned and it’s generated new opportunities for you, all of the sudden it seems like it was a really great idea!

Engaging with people on social media. Writing a blog post. Creating a video. Updating your casting site profiles. Cleaning your studio/office. Updating your expense reports. Going for a quiet walk. None of these things are paid voice over jobs. Yet, they’re all things that can positively impact your business.

Take full advantage of the down days. Use them wisely. The more often you do that, the fewer of them you’re likely to have.

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