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Are You Reading From The Right Script?

Facepalm - DuhTell me this hasn’t just happened to me…

A client sends you a script and asks if you’ll record a custom demo. You create a new folder on your computer for that client and save the script into that folder. After all, you don’t want to lose it or have to ask for it again.

After you record the demo and send it off, you wait to hear whether or not you book the gig.

You do.

The client sends you a new script and asks you to complete the project.

You save that script into the folder you created for the client. Again, you don’t want to lose it or have to ask for it again. That would be embarrassing and probably make you look like an amateur.

You record.

You send the audio.

The client calls.

“This isn’t the correct recording. Did you read from the old script?”


Tell me this hasn’t just happened to me!

It’s important to keep your files organized. I save all scripts, communications and audio. You never know when that client may come back for something else. Just remember if you have multiple drafts of a script that you label them sequentially or in some fashion that ensures you won’t mix them up.

This lesson, that I once learned the hard way, is shared in hopes that you won’t have to go through the same. 🙂