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Are You Playing The Long Game?

When you’re marketing your voice over business to new leads, it can be really frustrating and discouraging if you don’t see quick results. In a perfect world, we’d send out an introductory email and within a week we’d get a response and a booking.

Alas, we do not live in a perfect world!

Marketing is much more marathon than sprint. You’ve got to be patient, persistent and settle in for the long game. Will you generate some quick turn leads? Sure you will. But more often than not, it’s going to take time. A few weeks. A few months. Maybe even a few years!

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keep-calm-and-play-the-long-gameRemember, it’s not just about selling voice over services. It’s about building relationships and that takes time.

Today I booked my first voice over with a new client. Do you know when I made the initial contact? June 12, 2013. That’s three and a half years to convert a lead to a prospect to a client.

Is it worth it, some might ask? Well, this client is a very busy production house and assures me there will be multiple projects each month, of which I have no doubt will be the case. So… yes! It’s worth it!

Never throw away or give up on a lead (unless they specifically ask you to). You never know when something might come from it!

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